Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There's always talk about preparing for zombies, but what about Werewolves?

I'm ready, I've got Silvertips!

Yes, I know they're not the ideal .45 carry load, but they'll do until I can get my hands on Federal HST's.


Weer'd Beard said...

The HST's are the berries. I need to buy a few more boxes of the 230 Gr .45 ACP +P. My Smiths eat them like candy!

Unknown said...

These days you have to carry what you can get. WSTs are good to go.

I'm carrying Black Hils 185 grainers, and despite them being accurate and high quality, my Kimber sets them back in the case a little when I chamber them. I can only chamber them once.

When .45 ACP ammo becomes available again, I will switch to something that works better in my gun. Just an FYI, I would drop the slide on your WST, and then eject it and make sure it looks good. Rounds set back in the case can have high pressure.

Anonymous said...

You do know Winchester Silvertip ammo contains no silver, at least that's what they admitted in a reply letter a few year ago. :) (...of course you do)