Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Double Stacks vs. Single Stacks

Which do you prefer, double or single stack pistols?

*pictured left to right.
Photo # 1 - 91' P228, P229R, 90' P228
Photo # 2 - 79' P6, P220ST, 97 P6.

These photo's are a bit overexposed, since I used the manual settings to compensate for low light.


Laura said...

single-stack for my itty bitty hands, thanks.

the pistolero said...

A single-stack 1911 is the bee's knees.

Bob S. said...

Right now I have to go with double stacks since that is what I carry.

If someone wanted to donate a single stack to me, I would promise to give it a fair shake :)

BUFF_dragon said...

Its all about the DoubleStacks when you have hands the size of mine.... I have a doublestack with a wrap-around Hogue to make it even larger.... The curse of having large hands....

Jim said...

I love the single, but my hand falls into place more naturally with the double. On the single, my trigger finger falls on the trigger at the second knuckle so I have to think about placing my finger in the right place. I don't have to think about it with the double, it just does.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Depends on the caliber and the gun. My hipower is doublestack and wonderful. Actually it's almost too narrow with some grips. But doublestack .45s can get cumbersome, so I prefer my 1911s the way JMB designed them.

Hecate said...

I shoot 1911's better than any other handgun, but love my collection of Hi-Powers. I still keep my 1969 C&S T-series in the headboard holster with Mec-Gar 15-round mags.

Had a chance to test-drive an STI 2011, and was astounded at how good the ergonomics worked with my small hands. Some day . . .

Weer'd Beard said...

For what? For carry the slim profile of a Single-stack is the berries.

For home defense, more ammo is always better, and weight and concealability really don't make much difference, double stack, granted that they fit your hands well.

Of course living in Mass Double-stack mags are like Hen's teeth, so I have almost all single-stack guns.

Mike W. said...

Weer'd. I'd agree that Double stacks are mostly pointless in states with high capacity mag restrictions.

Why bother with a larger, often heavier gun if you can only fit 10 rds. in it anyway? And then there's the issue of the 10rd. mags often being of iffy quality/reliability.

Jay G. said in his mag post that his 10rd. mags for his Sig P226 are useless as they don't engage the mag catch.

- Can anyone catch the gun in those pics that doesn't belong? One of them is not exactly German.

Weer'd Beard said...

Is the '79 a Swiss-Made?

Yeah, the MA Mag restriction is the #1 reason why i don't have an M&P9

I'd love to have a full-size 9mm gun for plinking and teaching new shooters. I'd love to have an M&P just because they're nice guns and shoot really well, and I'd love to have a plastic gun that holds eleventy zillion bullits (Ok just 17) for that whole goofy Plastic-fantastic wonder nine thing.

But no 17 round mags can be had, so I might-as-well just buy a 9mm 1911 or compatible as it would be essentially the same gun but better.

As I've said before I have my eyes peeled for a good priced 9x19 226 as REAL mags can be had for that one.

Still real mags CAN be had, but they're hard to come by and command a premium when you do find them...

Maybe with luck one of these days the AWB will die the horrible death it deserves.

I'm still just praying for the Handgun roster to die, because as much as I'd love a wonder nine, I want a Kahr PM45, and 5 round mags are easy to buy here.

BUFF_dragon said...

weer'd, how about the Para Warthog?
shortened double-stack 1911

Weer'd Beard said...

I've shot the warthog and it was a fun little gun.

And it happens to be Mass Approved.

Still, I have two big issues with it.

#1: WTF would I do with it?

I'd never pocket carry a 1911, I just don't think that design is well suited for pocket carry.

I already carry a S&W1911Sc lightweight commander and that suits me fine, and I pocket carry a S&W642. If I'm to get another carry gun the only think I want is the above mentioned Kahr PM45.

Also as a double-stack 1911 the Warthog is fatter than a single-stack with slim grips.

Certainly I wouldn't compete or do Home Defense with the Warthog.

Also the big #2:
They're notoriously unreliable. I asked my Gunsmith about them, he said: "Just don't bother with them"

Honestly now that I carry the S&W1911Sc, I really have little love for the warthog.

Anonymous said...

I'm a double-stack kind of woman. ;) I carry and I always have the 15 round magazine with it.

Weer'd Beard said...

What you Pack, Fire?

Oh cool weather is hear again, so while tossing on my sweatshirt for the 2nd day in a row, I decided the 1911 had to come with me today.

I wanted to make another comment about single-stack. The magazines conceal better as they lie so flat.

I've got two spare wilson combat 8-round .45 ACP mags on me, so that's a total of 25 rounds on me.

Not to toot my own horn, but that's only one less than Jay G's Glock 30, with a 15 round backup mag carry combo!

Of course I can't find the print of Jay's G30 even when I know he has it on him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, fella!

I actually have two that I go back and forth with. My favorite is my Ruger P95, I carry that when my clothing makes the room. Other times I carry...wait for it, 'cause you're probably not gonna like it.....A Glock 26. It's smaller, packs a nice punch and fits in my pocket. Some of Glock's higher capacity magazines fit the Glock 26. When using the 15 round magazine, I also use the grip extender.

Jay G said...

Hey! Folks is talkin' about me!

Yes, Mike, I'm not kidding about the P226 10-round magazines. They literally will not stay in the gun no matter what I do.

And they're genuine Sig magazines, too, not Pro-Mag cheapos.

As for what I prefer, well, that's a tough call. I carry a G30 (double stack), but would like to get a P239 (single stack) for the reduction in width.

Using the double-stack Glock for comparison is a little tough, though, given that it's like 3" thick... ;)

But seriously, I have a big problem with single stack anything, pretty much - why would I carry a 20-25 ounce single stack 9mm/.40 S&W that has 6-8 rounds when my 12 ounce Snubbie from Hell (which fits in my pocket) carries 5?

Weer'd Beard said...

"I carry...wait for it, 'cause you're probably not gonna like it.....A Glock 26."

Heh, just because I'm a 1911 guy doesn't mean I cast aspersions on Gaston Glock's masterful creation.

Tho because I shoot 1911s a lot the glock grip angle means they don't point naturally for me. Tho the stubbie ones like your G26 seem to shoot a LOT nicer to me.

I personally don't like the idea for glocks to carry for the reason Jay lists. They're REALLY thick guns. My 1911 is only about an inch across all over with slim grips on it, meanwhile glocks are much beefier and loaded with angular edges that might stand out under cover clothes.

"But seriously, I have a big problem with single stack anything, pretty much - why would I carry a 20-25 ounce single stack 9mm/.40 S&W that has 6-8 rounds when my 12 ounce Snubbie from Hell (which fits in my pocket) carries 5?"

Heh, as a guy who carries a S&W 642 and could easily buy a .357 unobtanium version, yet I'm holding out for a Kahr PM45.

Cost is the same as a 340 PD. Kahr weighs a bit more, IMHO 5+1 of .45 ACP beats out 5 shots of .357 Magnum. The gun carries flatter.

But here's the big issue, and why I'd have a Walther PPS in 9mm if it felt better in my hand.

Reloading. Reloading a revolver is a much more involved process than a semi. This goes double for the short ejector rod on the J-frame guns, but also ergonomics really demand that you carry your reload strongside, while semis it's better to carry a reload weakside. Given that your gun will be carried in your strong side, this makes for a crowded carry system.

If I can carry a lot of stuff, I just pack my 1911 and two spare mags.

If I can't it means I have limited space, and often no place to stash a speed strip....

Anonymous said...

Oh, my.

I am certainly glad you can appreciate different firearms. I have been razzed so many times about the Glock. Forgive me for thinking you might be in that particular group. That being said, Ruger is my favorite of the two. It was a wonderful housewarming gift from my Dad.

And you're right, the Glock is a bit thick. Ahem. Perhaps I...nevermind. LOL.

Cowboy Blob said...

Pretty! I've got a SIG P229 and P239, both in .40 S&W. I love the feel of the latter single-stack much more than the 229's. That said, I LOVE my Glock 23 and G19 double-stacks... and my single-stack .45s. I don't have so much love for the "big block" Glocks in .45 and 10-mm. Too blocky in the hand.

Thomas said...

I generally prefer a single stack auto, the Sig P220 [45acp] being my favorite. But, I will use a double stack auto, especially in 9mm, if the grip fits my hand comfortably.

mike's spot said...

tough to say no to a single stack when your concealing it. Why must you make me choose!

Steve said...

For me it depends on arbitrary gov't rules. In my home state of NH, Sig P226 15+1 double stack. If there is any chance at all I'm crossing the state line into Massachusetts, it's a single stack P220, only to stay under the 10rd limit.

Both guns operate the same under stress, I have no idea if my NR LTC allows me to carry the large cap magazine, but I'd rather be legal and not mess with which mag is in the gun.

Jay G said...


Your non-resident permit does NOT exempt you from the MA rules on magazine capacity. It's a felony to bring high capacity magazines into the state unless said magazines were manufactured prior to September 1994...

Fortunately, there are many pre-ban magazines for the P226...

Mike W. said...

Fire - We love all kinds of guns around here, no snobbery. (OK, Raven's & Lorcin's are out)

I don't own a Glock because I just don't like how they feel in my hand. Maybe I should give them another shot....

Hecate, Weer'd & The rest of you with your Hi-Powers and 1911's. I am jealous.