Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meleanie Hain

Meleanie Hain has died in an apparent murder suicide. My condolences go out to her family and especially her young children. Sebastian has more.

I am truly disgusted to see despicable anti-gun folks jumping on this tragedy to bash an innocent victim and push their agenda. Some people don't have a shred of decency. We're seeing comments like those below over at PennLive.

"Well at least she wasn't shot at a soccer game" or

"Her "constitutional right" put her six feet under....Why should we have respect? I have no respect for people who don't realize the danger of bringing a loaded gun to a kids' ball game. i have no respect for people who think they can get attention by pulling ridiculous stunts. I have no respect for people who think they have the right to intimidate others with threats of violence. By packing heat, you're implicitly saying "treat me with the respect I feel I deserve or I'll blow your brains out." People like that deserve no respect."

What happened here doesn't have anything whatsoever to do with her open carrying at soccer games, yet even in her death people can't help but bash her for choosing to exercise her rights.

Look. Two people are dead in what by all accounts appears to be a standard domestic violence case and now three young children are orphans. These things happen far too often in our society, but can't we all show some civility and respect for the dead rather than blaming them, the guns, or "Constitutional Rights?"

One thing is sadly ironic thing about the inevitable onslaught we'll see from the anti's over this incident. All of the gun control proposals they advocate for would have had the effect of disarming Meleanie, but not her husband, the apparent shooter who was also a law enforcement officer.

No doubt the Brady Campaign will be along soon to dance in her blood. It's what they do.

Update - Sebastian has examples of some more despicable coverage by the media.

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Eseell said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say the first article you linked was written in a style intended to implicate Melanie as being responsible for the shooting, rather than her husband as the limited evidence indicates.