Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quote(s) Of The Day - Bigotry Edition

All come courtesy of Laci the Dog, whose blog I was unfortunate enough to stumble upon via MikeB. Apparently she's MikeB's new best bud, which is appropriate given what I've seen in 5 minutes at her blog. She claims to be an accomplished lawyer, using the condescending "argument to authority" on a regular basis, clings to the "collective rights" viewpoint, and is wildly anti-gun despite claiming to be a gun owner and CCW holder herself. Oh, and there are no comments on her site.

Now, on to the good stuff. Is it sad that I'm no longer surprised just how downright vile anti-gunners can be?


"Hey, I don't mind you having guns. In fact, I hope you gun cretins all shoot yourselves and make the world a better place just like Melanie did. No, that's not hate, just a sincere desire to see a better world, which this will be without your sorry arses preventing proper gun laws from being adopted."


"Shit, her husband used his own gun to kill her.....As you know, I was hoping that Scott would have grabbed Melanie's gun and popped her with it.....Anyway, two less gun owning idiots on this planet."


"I am sorry, but I don't feel too much regret since looking at her smug face made me want to grab her gun and pop a cap in her ass as well.... it would be funny as heck if Hain was shot with her own gun. I am hoping that her husband turned her own gun against her......Most concealed carry idiots make me want to grab their guns and pop a cap in their sorry moronic arses."

# 4

"I only rejoice that someone who was a fool has been removed from this earth and I wish that the rest of you idiots would see sense, no matter how foolish that hope might be."

I had been responding to her inane arguments over at MikeB's, but after seeing this why bother? There's no point having any type of discussion with despicable creatures like Laci, the best you can do is expose their repulsive bigotry.

Aww, Laci responds in my comments section on January 19, 2010, further proving my point.

You people are such assholes. But you''re too fuckin' stupid to realise that you're assholes.

I'll take that as a compliment coming from someone who penned the vile, bigoted and despicable quotes I've highlighted above.


BobG said...

Sort of a vicious little bigot, isn't she? And has no idea what she is talking about, most of the time.

Weer'd Beard said...

This was my favorite!
"Such as the person who worked at the Capitol brought a gun to work and was caught when the cop questioned him about his concealed carry badge."

If your sides aren't splitting you probably haven't read this: (From what I hear he's a gunnie with a sense of humor)

Linoge said...


Just plain wow.

She is actually happy that someone was murdered. That is just beyond words...

Thanks for pointing this out, Mike W.... even though it is completely disgusting.

Mike W. said...

Linoge, she's not just happy someone was murdered. She actually continually states that she would personally like to murder us "gun cretins."

Sadly MikeB's defending her by saying "she's just joking" as if that would make her words any less vile.

NotClauswitz said...

Stupid Lefty, she gives left-handed people a bad name.

Thirdpower said...

It does seem to be the kind of people that anti-gun advocacy tends to attract.

Weer'd Beard said...

I love it when she makes my point for me all while calling me an idiot.

Heh, I laugh at her for saying "Conceal Carry Badge" she then prattles on about her *dubious* credentials, and then links a page were random badges can be bought for a paltry sum by anybody who wants one.

Hehhee, she makes me laugh!

kaveman said...

Perhaps the DHS would like to see her threats?

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

You people are such assholes.

But you''re too fuckin' stupid to realise that you're assholes.