Friday, January 8, 2010

Damnit Al !

I wake up this morning after a really crappy 4 hours of sleep and what do I see? Oh not much, just more "global warming" all over the ground.

Hey Al Gore, you suck and we hate you.

Oh, and an FYI. Toyo Proxes 4's are what I'd call "barely passable" in the white stuff. In the dry and wet they're some of the best All-Season tires I've ever had, but in snow they might even be worse than the craptastic OEM Michelin's.


Laura said...

something something AWD something older Subaru something something.


Mike W. said...

Yeah Yeah I know. I wouldn't mind a 00-02 2.5 RS coupe :) When we had the crazy snow in December my neighbor drove right out in his Legacy, took a trip around the neighborhood and then did a few donuts.

I was quite jealous.

I'd take a speed6 too.

BTW - the new Impreza's are downright fugly.

Jeff the Baptist said...

We got like an inch of snow. Anything with front wheel drive will get out out just fine.

Mike W. said...

That's what I thought, but for some reason my street and neigborhod were crazy icy.