Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Lord I need a Drink!

I'm listening to the State of the Union Address. Does anyone believe the BS Obama spews anymore?

Great, right now he's complaining about Federal spending and the deficit, saying the Feds should "tighten their belts" Yeah, does anyone think Obama and his group of liberals are going to cut back the way families are doing during this recession?

The very idea of Obama & the Dems being "fiscally responsible" is ludicrous.

Newsflash Obama, out of control government spending does not equal "investment"

Breda channels my thoughts perfectly. Obama is not just epic fail, he's epic fail of Carteresque proportions. I mean seriously, his speech was so bad he was getting laughed at!

Time for a Magichat # 9


オテモヤン said...
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Weer'd Beard said...

The only people who have any faith in Obama are what Stalin or Orwell would call the "inner Party Members".

All real and rational people, left and right, have abandoned him.

My guess is Hillary will use this to become our next president.

You've been warned.

Mike W. said...

Weer'd - His approval numbers for his 1st year in office are lower than both Bush and Carter's, in fact they're the lowest ever recorded.

Unknown said...

I don't know what the percentage is who have faith in Obama, but I just read that 83% approved of the speech. That would put you biased, close-minded, nay-sayers in the minority, wouldn't it?

Mike W. said...

As an anti-gunner you are perpetually a minority MikeB. You're also unbelievably closed-minded and biased.

How's that working out for ya MikeB?

BTW - That 83% poll was an ONLINE POLL ON CBS NEWS WEBSITE comprised of a total of 522 responses.

Gee, even when you think you have evidence supporting your position you don't.

mike's spot said...

I only saw parts of it. They really can't put nancy polosi on camera that long. She is the most robotic looking creepy lady alive.

PS I really wanna know what that note said that was passed to polosi midway through.

Weer'd Beard said...

"You're also unbelievably closed-minded and biased."

You forgot "Pants-Shitting Moron" and "asshole"!

Don't forget those to describe ol Sparky the Cave Troll!

Il Principe said...

both political parties in the duopoly establishment in Washington DC are to blame for the condition America is in.
They are more concerned about the interests of who pays for their re-election and both parties try to court the gun lobby. Don't be mistaken, both parties care a lot more for the rich and powerful. Vote for a grass roots candidate and take the country back. throw all the bums out.

Gregg B. said...

The idea of republicans and present-day "conservatives" being fiscally responsible is pretty ludicrous, too. Career politicians live in a different world, where the solution to just about every problem centers around spending money. It doesn't matter if they're republicans or democrats, and "liberal" and "conservative" are relative terms. One is merely a little more or less of one undesirable quality than the other.

Obama's half-hearted allusion to the notion that government needs to be more thrifty was obligatory. At that point, even a lot of his die-hard fans were starting to get concerned about the budget. He had to say something, and that's what he did.

"Oh, and that budget thing... don't worry about that. We're going to reduce spending... we've got that under control."

Thank God, because I was getting a little worried. But now that I know you're looking into to it, I can return to my oblivious life.

Mike W. said...

Il Principe & Gregg B. - I couldnt' agree with you more.

As much as I dislike Obama Bush was a terrible President as well.

They don't call the GOP the "Stupid Party" for nothing.

both political parties in the duopoly establishment in Washington DC are to blame for the condition America is in.

Agreed - Bush started much of this mess with bailouts & out of control spending, Obama has kicked it up a notch. Bush started the unwinnable "War On Terror" and Obama has continued it. Both parties are equally complicit in the failed "War on (some) Drugs."

Oh, and both parties routinely shit all over the Constitution. The Liberal ideology as a whole does more damage to the Country, but ultimately it's just a difference of magnitude. (especially given the modern GOP)

Personally I think the country is at its best when we have divided government, regardless of who's in the WH.

The Republican's talk a big game about fiscal responsibility, respect for Constitutional Rights and general limited government. The problem is that in practice of late they abandon those principles the moment they're in power and instead start acting like Liberals.

That said, if Obama has shown us anything it's that fake liberals do marginally less damage than real ones.

Gregg - Gotta love Obama suddenly talking about the importance of fiscal responsibility given how the Feds have been spending money the past year.

That and he's STILL trying to blame his out of control spending on Bush. Bush sure as hell wasn't fiscally responsible, but the "Blame Bush" card expired a while ago.