Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'll be late to this party

I have strong opinions about the recent kertuffle over at the blog of Southern Female Lawyer and that of her bullying, violent husband Rob Russell, but recent events have put me in a decidedly anti-blogging mood, especially when we're talking about two adults acting like petulant children. In the grand scheme of things crap like that is so trivial it's hardly worth the effort to respond to. OT - I have a gun on my hip as I type this, I wonder if these folks think I'm paranoid and irresponsible because of it?

In addition to having a sick dog to take care of (he had his balls chopped off, poor pup) A family friend (who is pregnant) was involved in a serious car accident over the weekend. She rolled her SUV several times. After seeing pictures of the car it's nothing short of a miracle that she walked away with no major injuries. As far as I know the baby is ok as well.

While I'm not religious, I can't help but think that someone, somewhere was looking out for her. It really makes you stop and think about just how fragile and fleeting life can be.

I've got another holster review in the works and half-written, but I'm in no mood to finish it right now.

Update - Bad things come in threes. My Omi is in the hospital with pancreatitis.


Bob S. said...

Mike W.

I've thought about not responding to her comments. I truly did.

I thought about not continuing the debate.

What made me continue was the realization -- that is how laws are made.

Think about it carefully and you'll see that is the basic way our rights are chipped away.

Currently here in Texas have to have a training class in order to carry.
Why? Why can't I just take a test to prove that I have the requisite knowledge?
Why do I even need to prove I have the requisite knowledge in order to carry?

There are laws to deal with behavior if it is irresponsible or criminal.

So, what happens if we don't counter those "minor blog posts"?

People start listening to "the lawyer" because she must know what she is talking about, right?
Then people start wondering why if after even the police training accidents happen -- shouldn't we make EVERYONE go through more training?

And ON and ON and then the next then you know it costs $10,000 and 6 months to get a license.


The petulant behavior of the two after we addressed that issue? Minor stuff....I tried to stay focused on the issue - her comments about needing training and experience.

Hope your dog gets to feeling better...keep him sedated if he's very active. Our had to have stitches redone.

I'll keep your friend in my prayers. In my opinion, someone was looking out for her -- and to make you uncomfortable God may be using her accident to help you realize that.

BobG said...

"In the grand scheme of things crap like that is so trivial it's hardly worth the effort to respond to."

Have to agree with you there; unless you have someone with an open mind, you are not going to accomplish much. And when the other person is editing your side of the debate, it is a complete waste of time and effort.

Unknown said...

Mike W., I hope those things you mentioned all work out for the best. I wish you well.

About the Southern Female Lawyer, isn't it noteworthy that she's a gun owner and believer in the 2nd? It's not like I said all that stuff about needing combat experience and all that. From her, being a gun owner from a family of gun owners, you have to wonder how common is that. I've mentioned a few times that you guys who are passionate enough to blog about guns are in the minority. This is borne out by the relatively small numbers of NRA members. Perhaps most gun owners are not in agreement with you at all, like SFL.

Weer'd Beard said...

Sigh, MikeB302000 again doesn't get it, and sides with criminals.

Hope all goes well for your loved ones (please keep us posted, I'd like to hear about all 3 recovering in a speedy fashion) Until then they will all be in my thoughts.

Also FYI it appears that they have continued in your amazing prediction from this post:

"6. Remove evidence of your immature behavior."

If you ever move blogs, please make sure you copy that post to the new URL so you will always get the credit due for such an amazing post that still holds 100% true today as it did a year ago referring to entirely different anti-rights bloggers.

Best Wishes!

Bob S. said...


Let me ask you about your days of owning guns. Did you meet SFL's qualification -- LEO/Military with extensive training AND real life emergency situation -- before you carried a firearm?

Most likely not.

did you injury yourself or anyone else? Accidentally? Purposefully?

Most likely not.

Here is a clue for you -- if most people who owned guns agreed with SFL - there would be hundreds, thousands of training classes EACH AND EVERY Month and there would be hundreds of thousands of people taking those classes.

Simply flipping math...if training is required and people agree with SFL -- then there would be evidence, right?

Of course, there is no evidence that people agree with SFL as you propose.

No classes, no surveys, no laws requiring it, nothing.

Once again you try to dip into the bag of mental acuity for another trick only to come up empty.

Mike W. said...

It's not like I said all that stuff about needing combat experience and all that.

Whether you or Mrs. Russell said it is irrelevant. Her position is her position, and she gets no brownie points from me simply because she owns guns.

She was condescending, nasty, and rude, and her post & comments denigrated an entire group of people.

That she would write a post like she did and not expect those she was bad-mouthing to take exception and voice their dissent in her comments section says something about her.

Either she really does'nt get the internet and blogging, or she has serious issues with allowing dissenting opinion and the free exchange of ideas.

Mike W. said...

FYI - AFAIK my friend (and baby) will be OK. Were she a week or 2 further along she almost certainly would have lost the baby.

My grandma is in surgery as I write this. It was not her pancreas but her gallbladder and they had to go remove it. All of this stems from a total hip replacement she had about 7 weeks ago.

Zack is doing well, but doesn't understand why we can't play, run & roughhouse like usual. He's really bored. Other than that he's in good spirits and appears to be healing very well.