Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Warms My Heart

In AZ, Intruder dies after homeowner fights back.

"The homeowner told police the intruder demanded the keys to his car but instead of handing them over the homeowner opened fire."

But hey, the homeowner should have just handed over the keys. It's only property after all, right?

Getting shot is an occupational hazard when trying to rob people. This guy found that out the hard way and his recidivism rate is now 0%. If you don't want to be shot then don't break into homes and try to rob people. Simple concept eh?

H/T to Dustin

In other news, there have been several robberies of late around my office. About an hour ago I got an e-mail about an attempted robbery that happened across the street from us this morning Last week two women were assaulted in front of our office building. More proof that violent crime happens in the "good areas."


Dustin said...

So very true. This story left me wondering how he managed to get to his shotgun in time, although I'm glad he did. I always have my handgun on me even at home, just in case I can't make it to the gun safe in time if someone breaks in.

When seconds count, your gun safe may be too far away. :)

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate thing is that we have absolutely no way of determining whether someone demanding our keys/money/electronics will not also relieve us of our lives after securing whatever it is they want, if only to remove witnesses and potential future legal problems.

If criminals truly valued their lives, and wished to continued them, it might be expedient to stop preying on American citizens - it is very difficult to determine who is armed and who is not until they pull out the hardware, and by then, your ass is already forfeit.

Of course, that confusion thoroughly explains why criminals like MikeB want to disarm Americans - it might help keep their friends and coworkers alive.

Sabra said...

As far as crime in "good areas" goes--when I lived in Hampton Roads, VA several years ago, there was a midday home invasion across the street from a police substation. Any time, anywhere.

Unknown said...

But but but. . . what about his childhood!! Poor little fella seemed disadvantaged!

I'm sitting here all broke up that he won't get to go through the revolving door of justice. My guess is that the scumbag had already been there, and that he had been given plenty of chances.