Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gettin' Sworda Crazy Out There!

Saysuncle has the latest sword violence.

Something must be done to protect our nations children from this terrible threat! After all, swords are inherently dangerous & violent and we can't have crazy parents getting drunk and running through their kids schools while carrying them.

Would you want someone next to you in the pew, working in your kid's school or next to you eating wings at the local sports bar while carrying a sword? Don't you have a right to know who around you might be concealing a sword underneath their raincoat?

Please! Think of the children. Donate now and help us keep your streets sword-free!


Joe Blow - The Blow Campaign to Prevent Sword Violence


Jeff the Baptist said...

This would be hilarious if sword-control hadn't actually followed gun control in Britain. With knife-control soon to come.

Weer'd Beard said...

Knife control is in FULL FORCE, Jeff. I did a few blog posts a while back on it.

Sarah said...

We can't worry about sword control while children are choking on hot dogs! Get your oppressive, nanny-state priorities straight, man!

Jeff the Baptist said...

"Get your oppressive, nanny-state priorities straight, man!"

They don't have priorities. It's about big scary things, not things that actually kill lots of kids every year like swimming pools and car accidents.