Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quote of the Day - Character

I delete comments from people who are shitheads and mike w. is one of those.


The character of anti-gunners, specifically anti-gun bloggers generally leaves much to be desired. Democommie is no exception. I consider it a compliment to be given such praise by these kinds of people. It means that I'm on the correct side of the issue and am doing something right.

Bob S. discusses some of the stupid here. I won't unless this guy says something particularly noteworthy that warrants further discussion, which I think is unlikely.


Weer'd Beard said...

I of course question the veracity of his statement simply on the grounds that while he does appear to have a blanket ban on your comments, he has only selectively removed some of my comments, and those comments were hardly rude or combative.

again psychological projection appears VERY strong, given that he also took offense to me referencing his cowardice on the issue, as well as his love of all-things Marxist.

But yet he feels the need to refer to conservatives as "reichtards" and Christians as "KKKristians".

His recent reasonable discussion of the issues have left me intrigued, but I wasn't born yesterday, and I would put my money on MikeB302000 trade-marked stalling.

But we'll see.

On topic you see this latest MikeB Bravo Sierra?

"I say, reasonable people can indeed have honest dialogue with no evidence at all. They can easily talk about controversial issues, especially ones in which conflicting “proof” is offered on both sides.

Sometimes it’s less honest to insist upon proof instead of admitting obvious conclusions."

Translation: "You guys always kick my ass with those facts, and peer-reviewed why don't we ban facts from the discussion so I can win once in a while!"

He seriously needs to be committed and drugged heavily!

Mike W. said...

I am no longer commenting there (for obvious reasons) but one can't help but laugh at the sheer idiocy of deleting my comments while simultaneously pulling out portions of those very comments in order to respond to them.

It makes you look like a total loon when you're responding directly to things that (because of your editorial control) are no longer present.

The whole AR-15 / 30rds. of TAP thing has me rolling though. It's as if these idiots can't form two coherent thoughts in sequence.

If keeping a particular weapon / ammo / mag combination for HD is "stupid, dangerous, paranoid etc. etc." then by definition virtually any weapon kept for defense is as well. That is, unless you have objective criteria for making such a determination, which he quite clearly does not.

It makes no more sense than saying "anyone who drives a red Ferrari is a crazy nutjob, but driving a black porsche is acceptable." If you can explain why that is true and present it logically using objective criteria then I'll give the statement consideration. If not then you're no more than a crazy loon spewing nonsense.

That said, crazy loons spewing nonsense can be entertaining to watch.

Weer'd Beard said...

He's crossed over to stage #5 of "Sad But Predictable" now, #6 close at it's heels methinks.

Another notch on your belt, Mike "Nostradamus" W! ; ]

Weer'd Beard said...

What do you think of this, Mike?

Sound like our friends?

Weer'd Beard said...

BTW just read about the new DE permit news! Congrats, and we're winning!

Mike W. said...

What new DE permit news?

Do you mean the most recent reform bill? (which is fairly meaningless IMO)

Weer'd Beard said...

Eh, Reform is better than nothing.