Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Mike Vanderboegh

Would you and your buddies shut your pieholes?

You Are Not Helping. You're acting like a bunch of petulant children. Besides, violent protest combined with vandalism and destruction of property is something I've come to expect from the left. Why stoop to that level? It's stupid and counterproductive.

If you had a disagreement with a neighbor and wanted to get the rest of the neighborhood on your side would throwing bricks through the neighbors windows be the way to accomplish that? I think not.

Here's a bit of what I said the last time I discussed Vanderboegh on this blog,

"If all we accomplish is to scare people then what we'll have done is alienated people and marginalized ourselves. It's hard to have a broad, positive impact once you've done that. It's hard to keep those founding principles and values alive if you've been marginalized."

I'm pretty sure that engaging in threats of violence and vandalism / destruction of property will accomplish exactly that which I've quoted above. Well that and the fact that engaging in such behavior makes you a huge fucking asshole.

Committing crimes and generally being an asshole isn't the kind of behavior that brings about positive change through effective, grassroots activism. We've still got the ballot box to worry about, so put down your rifle, ammo box, & bricks and try acting like a rational, civil adult.


Patrick said...

I'll ask you what I've asked several other bloggers with no reply. Where is your line? When will YOU be done with the sandbox.

What is the point of saying that we believe firearms are for protection from the government if everyone is going to say "we still have options"? Granted. Right now I still think we DO have options. I do not think everything has been exhausted yet. But we have ALL posted about how they have done one thing after another to tear down the Constitution.

However, we have been working politically. We have been activist. I have wrote so many letters to my state and federal reps that I am personally subsidizing the post office. They aren't listening.

And they won't because they KNOW that this is going to be all about the talk. They do not for one minute think that enough people are going to get upset enough to physically remove them from office.

So I'm asking you. for the sake of discussion. The answer might be "not yet" and I agree, but where is your line? Where will you say enough is enough and get out of the slaughter line? Once they get you in the stall, it will be to late. (Metaphor here, I am not implying that they are going to create death camps.)

mike's spot said...

Mike- I totally agree. vanderbough is way out of line.


I can't speak for Mike W, but I can say this: no matter how ineffective activism and letter writing is perceived as being, I promise brick throwing is not ever a viable solution.

No problem that can be solved with a brick and threats cannot be better solved by other means.

Patrick said...

Why? They have proven that they will not listen to the will of the people. They have proven they do not care about the Constitution. They have proven that they will lie to get what they want and are unashamed. Elections in November won't fix anything. The GOP are different sides of the same coin. Our government has become corrupt.

We have all blogged that for a year (more if you count all the other Presidents, but this one is even worse than GW). What is your solution? When did we become a nation of pansies?

Everyone wants to talk our way back and "they" know it and they aren't scared of your talk. "They" need to be scared of the people again.

mike's spot said...

I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree Patrick. I don't see the world in the same light I guess.

Patrick said...

We don't see the world in what light? I said that I think we still have some options left and I have said that I don't agree with the bricks.

However, I do see a point in time where we might have to remove the tyrannical government as our Founding Fathers did. Do you mean that you don't agree with that behavior? That it was great that our Founding Fathers sacrificed everything but it is wrong to do so now (if it comes to that)?

I asked for solutions and all I get is "but that's not the answer".
So I ask you, Mike (Spot, not W-to many Mike's), what is your solution. How do you plan on dealing with the desecration of the Constitution and the refusal to do the will of the people? If/when all gimmicks have failed and the government is allowed to continue their path, what is your solution then? To simply take it or move to another part of the world? We already know you won't fight.

It seems like each generation gets further and further away from remembering our heritage. I'm guessing you have grown up in the last 20 years learning that Americans take what our masters give us and we should be happy for the scraps?

Mike W. said...

Patrick - I think the problem is this. If we resort to violence now in an effort to restore the principles of the founders will it be successful or will it further alienate us from the populace at large?

I refer you to this post for my general philosophy on the issue.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you (or anyone else) that my line in the sand is at point X. To answer is foolish and I personally think asking the question is rude/inappropriate.

I will say that it's somewhere between "The representatives aren't listening to me" and "Government thugs are kicking in my door & my neighbors doors and engaging in forcible disarmament."

We simply haven't exhausted all options yet. What would be the point of violent revolution now without public support? How would it result in a net increase in individual freedom in this country?

And then there's still the underlying (and more important) issue. What good is revolution if the majority of your countrymen have lost the will to be free? If they don't share our values we will ultimately fail.

Patrick said...

You are obviously entitled to your opinion and as I've already said, I agree that things haven't yet got bad enough that I would resort to violence. As you say, "my line has not yet been crossed".

What scares me is your last comment and it's one that I haven't even considered, so thank you for bringing it up. What do you do if the majority of America doesn't care about America's history anymore? What if the majority of America no longer cares about being free? How do you combat that? We discuss these things with a notion that if you join in, everyone else will to because they are just like you. What if the truth of the matter is that 10,000 people out of 324 million want to keep America free?
You have now scared the bejeezus out of me.

Maybe it is to late to go back. Maybe the last 30 years have alienated those who know our history with those who have only experienced the current government.
Personally, I was brought up to cherish the sacrifices our fathers made and not just the founding ones. The socialist factions in this country have certainly made sure to water down or dilute those sacrifices or at the very least make them not significant anymore.

Scary shit for sure.

Jesse Schiff said...

There are thousands of Unconstitutional laws on the books. Get educated on how to combat them legally, effectively, simultaneously exposing the traitors who drafted and mandated them. Investigate those traitors and expose them and their ties to their handlers. Otherwise you come off as a bully trying to force his way at the point of a gun, which plays right into the media's agenda of smearing you.

Hour of the Time is an invaluable resource, and I suggest you read Limits of Federal Jurisdiction, and the Coordination Workbook for local control.

The guys going, "This is enough! Overthrow!" like Vanderboegh won't be there on the front line to get shot with you. They're provocateurs. I still don't get how he got away with calling for broken windows without having his site taken down. It was either a misdemeanor, and he paid a fine, or he gets a free pass from the authorities (HMMMMM). See the Code of Alabama, specifically the Criminal section, under Criminal Complicity, Criminal Solicitation, and the Classes of offense.

The American Revolution, War for Independence, whatever you want to call it, didn't start with the colonists massacring British Troops, although the Boston Massacre did involve PROVOKING them until they massacred some colonists. It started in Lexington when the British were aiming to seize all the stored up arms and ammunition, and Colonists decided that was their final straw. Nobody knows if it was the British or the Colonist who fired the first shot at that point, but it doesn't really matter. They had come for the arms cache to render the Colonists defenseless and that was the last straw.

Unfortunately today where I live (not too far from Lexington and Concord) the reason for their sacrifice is not well remembered. The people tolerate, having been brainwashed by the socialist/globalist media and knee-jerk news-stories of urban gun violence, being disarmed. They don't know that a license is legally defined as, "A permit to commit and otherwise illegal act," and in the case of gun licenses are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Not just Unconstitutional but also the difference between a slave/subject and a free person.

It's all color of law under statutes and liens, not laws. There are no valid laws which violate the Constitution.