Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CCR Cerahide

I've posted a few pictures of my Sigs refinished in CCR's "Cerahide" finish at various times on this blog, but I've never shown readers what the different finishes look like side-by-side.

The finishes are hard to get good photographs of, since they change based on available light. Stainless in particular often comes out looking like matte grey in photos, while at times it looks very similar to the true stainless finish on my P220ST (see the 2nd picture here) The House Black is by far my favorite finish. (again, see my previous post with pictures) It's what Sigs should look like from the factory. I hated the chalky grey Nitron finish of my P229R when I got it.

The ease of cleaning, rust & corrosion protection, and natural lubricity of the finish is excellent. In fact, those were my primary reasons behind refinishing. The fact that the guns look nice is a secondary benefit as far as I'm concerned.

From lightest to darkest

CCR's Stainless, "BTM," Tri-Titanium, and House Black Cerahide finishes.

Or you could spend significantly more money so your pistols will look totally pimp! That'll bring all the homeboys to the yard.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* It seems this crass, materialistic world has no shortage of things for me to needlessly lust after :P.

Mike W. said...

some people scoff at paying to refinish mags, but P225/P6 mags are expensive and not easy to come by.

I figure this is good insurance to keep them in good shape.

I remember another place I went to wanted $20 per mag for a nickel/boron finish. CCR's price was reasonable, I believe $6 or $8 per mag.

Unknown said...

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