Monday, May 10, 2010

Question of the Day

Is it possible to have too many guns, too many mags, and / or too much ammo?

What say you readers and fellow bloggers?


Bob S. said...

The answer is a qualified yes!

You can have too carry at one time.

You can have too fit in one safe.

You can have too much shoot in one range session.

One of the bloggers I read (Commander Zero at Notes from the Bunker?) gave me the idea of thinking long term; i.e. do you have "enough of X" for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years of use?

I was on reduced hours for 8 months last year, it greatly impacted my training. Yet, I had "enough" ammo to shoot at least every other month.

I had "enough" firearms that if one broke, I could still defend myself or my family.

What would have happened if I had been laid off for a year?
Or the economy went completely pear shaped and everyone was out of work?
Can you have too many?

Depends on how you define "too many".

Eric R. Shelton said...

Only if you suck at organization. While I have more than one rifle/handgun, they're redundant in caliber, make/model, etc.

If your collection varies across a wide spectrum, organization is key. Feeding a .40 S&W round into a .45 ACP gun, or a .357 Sig into a gun chambered in .40 would be a problem. But that about the only way I can see "too much/many" becoming an issue.

Nancy R. said...

I admit I'm a bit of a newbie, but I'm guessing this is a trick question?

Anonymous said...

If your Better Half starts getting annoyed at you, then yes.

If you start having to sell of other things to make room for your collection, possibly.

If you start considering the addition of a vault-type room to your house, probably.

If you do not have enough to adequately equip yourself, your family members, and your neighbors you trust (a handgun of at least .38 special, a rifle of any historically-common military caliber, and a shotgun they can handle), then of course not!

Any other questions? :)

USCitizen said...

The "Official Answer" is:

Only if you are swimming and the weight holds you underwater.

Robert McDonald said...

Are you kidding me? Never, never, never, never enough!

Stranger said...

The more guns and ammo you have, and can defend, the more trade goods you have when the SHTF. But the key word is "defend," not have.

If you are part of a group large enough to make a rifle company, defend should not be a serious problem.

If you are trying to make it through TEOTWAKI singlefoot or as part of a family group, you either need to team with someone you know and trust to make that 20 to 25 effectives group, or take what you can carry, make a hole, and crawl into it.


elmo iscariot said...

Yes. By definition, whatever your income, if you keep adding guns, mags, and ammo, you'll eventually reach the point where any more will compromise your ability to pay for other necessities. At that point, one more is too many.

Sabra said...

If your Better Half starts getting annoyed at you, then yes.

That can be mostly avoided by careful selection of a Better Half. ;-)

In all seriousness, though, Elmo Iscariot is probably right.

Sarah said...

I think that I'll have too many guns if I ever reach the point of sacrificing other, important things - like food - in order to acquire more gunnie stuff.

But, hey, as long as I can afford to add to my collection...and as long as I'm not too busy eyeballing and drooling over the latest acquisition to do productive things (like go to work), it's all good, right?

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Mike W. said...

You know, there is an e-mail address listed at the top right of this blog for exactly the kind of comment seen above this one.

The e-mail address is there for a reason. Use it please.

mike's spot said...

as long as you aren't sacrificing needs for wants, your golden.

Laura said...

i'm going to agree with Mike (the second). Provided one is capable of feeding, clothing, housing, and generally taking care of oneself, one can continue to purchase as much as one wants/deems a "need."

storage might eventually become a problem, but that's the kind of first-world issue i wouldn't mind having.