Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SEIU Thuggery - A Post From The Draft Doldrums

Hey look, I found a post in my draft folder that looks like it was pretty much complete, so here it is a whole month late! Enjoy.... or not.

Plenty of folks have already weighed in regarding SEIU's mob tactics protesting bank executives.

Jay G. brought up the inevitable question that enters ones mind when you see an angry mob of 500 liberal assholes descending upon someones private residence, and I quote,

"It raises a fundamental question, though, for those of us in the 2A community. At what point in a protest such as this are within our rights to light these bastards up?"

First and foremost, what the SEIU folks did here to Mr. Baer and his family was not a protest. It was a mob. A mob bussed to his house by a labor union and escorted there by the police. The police, the very people Mr. Baer would call to protect him in this situation, were actively aiding and abetting the thugs who stormed onto his property. If that doesn't scare the shit out of you I don't know what will.

I am sick and tired of this shit. I am sick of hearing about angry, violent, racist tea-partiers and "right-wing extremists." I'm sick of hearing about how dangerous we are, despite not engaging in any actual violence. I am sick of liberals screaming about violence when my fellow citizens peacefully open carry firearms, dare to quote the Founding Fathers, or god forbid utter the word "revolution" in any context. Most of all, I'm sick of the MSM shutting its yap the moment organized leftists protestors actually go and engage in the thuggery they've been trying to smear the right with for the past year. You want to see anger, violence, threats and racism? Look in the mirror!

Want to protest the banks? Fine, protest on the street outside their offices with signs. I won't agree with you, but I'll support your right to protest no matter how vehemently we disagree. I work in Wilmington, which is the corporate banking headquarters of the U.S., so I assure you I've seen plenty of protests, including some by SEIU folks. I support their rights, if not their message. This is still my America and dissent will always be patriotic.

That said, the right to protest does not give you carte blanche to protest wherever you like and act however you damn well please. My home is my castle (yes, even in Delaware) and I am well within my rights to tell you to get bent and get off my lawn. If you're there with 500 of your fellow assholes who refuse to leave that changes the dynamic of the situation significantly.

The moment you start sending mobs to people's homes is the moment I start looking at you with the same level of respect I'd show a gangbanger or common street thug. Come with your angry mob to my home or my neighbors home and you can expect to be treated just like that gangbanger or street thug. In fact, if this had happened in my neighborhood I'd spare a few pistols to make sure my neighbors were sufficiently armed.

SEIU thugs should do well to remember that "Get Off My Lawn" is a damn persuasive statement when there's a rifle behind it.


cryptical said...

I thought at the time that it was too bad the kid didn't hit the lawn sprinklers.

Weer'd Beard said...

I wonder if these thugs would pull the same shit in Virginia rather than gun-free Maryland...