Sunday, May 23, 2010

What I learned at the Convention

I really need a 1911! Sure, it wouldn't be a Springfield Custom, but I thought Springfield Armory had some impressive production guns.

I also loved the EMP9. What a svelte little carry piece that'd be!

Yes, I know someone with half a dozen Sigs isn't supposed to lust after nice 1911's, but here I am lusting....

And no, the specific 1911 I want was not on display in Charlotte, but here's the little EMP that I'd love if it weren't ~$1200

I really want one of these.

Charlotte also confirmed what I already knew, that gun bloggers are great people, and an armed society is a polite society......even when we're disarmed by law ):


Laura said...

Yes, you definitely want a 1911. :)

the pistolero said...

Yes, you really need a 1911. Springfield makes good ones -- with a lifetime warranty, too.

Weer'd Beard said...

Some nice 1911s can be had for a reasonable price. Honestly, if I were you I'd just watch the Used racks and seller's forums, and know how to look at a used 1911
(Just read the 1st page. And personally if I were you I'd buy at least one Wilson combat magazine for magazine tests. The test can be messed up by junk magazines, and mags are disposable, so just make sure the gun works by bringing quality mags of your own)

Michael W. said...


North Carolina hasn't had concealed carry for too long, it isn't where it should be, but give us time and we will have it where it needs to be.

The other Mike

lboykin said...

I love my EMP. Got it out the door for $1050 + tax. Right now it has about 900 rounds through it and is beginning to work flawlessly. It is a nice carry piece, small but comfortable.

mike's spot said...

I gotta say- As much as I love my Springfield mil-spec, the American Classic II I picked up is a really good buy.

If you like long triggers and flat mainspring houses, I'd go with the ACII. if you like short triggers and arched MSH, I'd go with the springfield. I consider them that close in quality.