Monday, June 28, 2010

Ammo ID

Anyone know anything about this ammo?

It's Fiocchi 9mm, nato cross & has some kind of weird aqua colored primer sealant. I'm wondering whether it's safe to shoot out of my P6's & P228.


Jeff the Baptist said...

Just make sure that blue green color is sealant not copper corrosion.

dmurray said...

I'd enjoy firing that ammo in my P6. The intarw3bz don't link Sigs and kaBOOMs. I tried Bing and Dogpile and I doubt that there is a Sig kaBOOM coverup conspiracy. Have fun!

Michael said...

Yeah, the pressure allowed for a 9mm NATO round is slightly higher than 9mm Luger, but not as high as 9mm +P. Guns which are nitro proofed should be safe to fire +P and below.

My P6 bears the "nitro proof eagle."

Mike W. said...

Michael - The box these came in says +P+, but I'm thinking that the Nato proof actually means something, so maybe it's not +P+

Guess We'll find out next time I hit the range.