Monday, July 12, 2010

Seaford Home Invasion - More PC from the Local Rag

The News Journal has a story of a home invasion that took place in Seaford (lower DE) over the weekend. The victims, a couple in their 40's, were attacked by three armed black men and the woman was sexually assaulted.

Notice anything missing from The News Journal story that's clearly included in the WGMD link? Oh right, The News Journal neglected to inform it's readers that the suspects were black males. It's ridiculous. Anytime a suspect is black The News Journal fails to include that basic fact in their articles.

Of course The News Journal has never been known for journalistic excellence. Back when I was managing editor of the school paper we would look to The News Journal as an example of what not to do. It appears they haven't gotten any better.

Also, take a look at the comments. There's a guy recommending wasp spray as a defense against home invasions. Seriously?! You can go to a gun shop and walk out with a gun in ~15 minutes. Who in their right mind would choose wasp spray over a gun as a home defense tool? This is Delaware not the UK.


Jeff the Baptist said...

"Anytime a suspect is black The News Journal fails to include that basic fact in their articles."

True, but your statement is very misleading. The News Journal is consistent about not mentioning race for some internal political reason. They don't mention when someone is white or hispanic either.

Mike Y said...

Regardless of skin color, the News Journal does the community a major disservice by NOT including the ethnicity of alleged criminals.

Sabra said...

I've never understood why papers will leave out identifying information. It probably is politics, but it's stupid politics.

Reminds me of an article I read in Scientific American back in 2004 that detailed how race can often be determined via DNA testing, but it is not admitted to. Politics again.

Around here, the race of a suspect can typically be figured with some accuracy depending on the side of town a crime occurs on; however, this reality is routinely ignored by the press.

Aimee said...

Even if you wish to disregard that it’s illegal to use (The canister labels states "It is a violation of Federal Law to use in any manner inconsistent with this label. NEVER USE INDOORS!”), what justifications are there for using wasp spray? There is zero proof it will be effective.

No human testing has been conducted on wasp spray, and the canister deploys a stream. Try hitting a threat at 20 feet away with a slow foamy stream from a wasp won't happen. Most wasp sprays will not spray 20 feet, regardless of their label claim.

If you are going to use a non-lethal form of defense, pepper spray is a better option. Unlike wasp spray, pepper spray has been designed to specifically stop humans, dogs and even bears and its legal to use in self defense. Pepper spray is what the police use.

The biggest advantage pepper spray provides is it doesn't require pain to incapacitate because of its inflammatory effects. Superior to wasp spray, pepper spray slams the eyes shut and causes a loss of breath sensation which makes it effective even if the attacker is drunk, on drugs or is emotionally disturbed and cannot feel pain. When facing a threat and you've chosen a non-lethal option, do you want something that can stop a wasp or a bear? Go with pepper spray. It’s legal and PROVEN!