Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forces of Darkness?

New Jersey hoplophobe Bryan Miller says that us pro-gunners are "Forces of Darkness."

Huh? That can't be. I haven't even gone over to the dark side and bought a Glock.

H/T to Sebastian


bluesun said...

I've got an XD--does that make me a "Forces of Darkness"?

Bob S. said...

You know it might be easier to believe folks like Bryan Miller weren't out to ban firearms if they didn't liken us to evil armies, don't you think?

"Forces of Darkness" -- Look at us Violent thugs and wait for the flash
(insert picture of pistol with that saying on the crown of the barrel)

Weer'd Beard said...

Most of your sigs are black ; ]

dmurray said...

The Forces of Darkness lawyer must have slept through copyright, patent and trademark class. You are thought to have gone over to the dark side when you install a car tire on the rear wheel of your motorcycle. OK so now its that and own a Glock.

I am thankful for the update. I'm keeping the P6, though.

Mike W. said...

DMurray - I'm keeping both of mine too. Great guns, especially for what I paid.