Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hope N' Change?

Found this on my computer. I think it illustrates how many American's have been feeling since January 20th, 2009.

Either that or my mother is turning into a Zombie! Forgive me mom!

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Weer'd Beard said...

I dunno, Our Republican Governor candidate is in a dead heat with our current governor in a 4-way race, Barny Frank is having the hardest race in his life in decades, a few other long-standing pols are in tough fights, for the first time ever a candidate managed to secure their name on the ballot by having a sticker campaign on the PRIMARY ballot. (He did it with 3x the required write-ins too) to run against our AG Martha Coakley.

Oh and speaking of Martha, Scott Brown is sitting in the Senate seat she thought belonged to her.

Oh and all of these candidates are GOAL endorsed with either A ratings or 100% ratings.

I'm feelin' a little bit of hope.