Monday, October 25, 2010

Again? More Violent Anti-Gunners

As more people carry more guns around to more places we will have more shootings, accidental and otherwise. Count on it. And some day when the nuts have all shot themselves in the face we can get back to having some sane gun laws in this country.


I know, you're probably getting bored of this by now, but the intolerance and violent nature of anti-gunners like Mrs. Beale needs to be pointed out at every opportunity. They certainly have no shame about advocating violence against those they don't like.

Also, her 1st sentence is factually incorrect. Carry laws are becoming more and more lax and gun sales have seen record highs the last two years, yet violent crime rates continue to drop. After DC's gun ban was struck down by Heller their crime rates plummeted. Reality must be a hard pill for Mrs. Beale to swallow.

* You'll note that back in June SoBeale said almost the same thing I've quoted here. And people wonder why I don't respect violent bigots.


Bob S. said...

Violent and lying

That said, there’s a difference between my liberal gun friends and the ideological purists who deny guns pose any danger at all, who claim that all CCW permit holders are always responsible, and pretend that guns are as innocuous as Bic pens.

I know of no one that claims guns do not pose any danger.

I know of no one that claims CCW permit holders are always responsible

I know of no one that claims firearms as innocuous as Bic Pens. Tools like Bic Pens yes but there is a difference between Bic pens and Power saws also.

It is a pity that anti-rights advocates have to be so twisted in order to try to convince people.

I'm getting the impression as more and more freedom is achieved the antis are getting more and more extreme, are you seeing that also?

Linoge said...

Also, her 1st sentence is factually incorrect.

I tried to tell her that, and got informed that my "personal attacks" were not welcome on her weblog - this after she wished that I and all the rest of the "nuts" would go ahead and murder each other.

No wonder Laci the Bitch sucked up so hard to her - the are both bloodthirsty scumbags who are too cowardly to actually execute their desires, so they instead sit around wishing we would all do it to ourselves. Anti-rights nuts, keepin' it classy!