Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Europeans Cutting Taxes?

While liberals here in the U.S. keep clamoring about the need to soak the rich, the Dutch are responding to the worldwide economic downturn by doing the opposite.

They're lowering corporate taxes. Why you ask? Well, to "encourage entrepreneurship and innovation." You mean lowering taxes, particularly corporate taxes actually contributes to economic growth? Inconceivable! (if you're a liberal)

But it's not just corporate taxes. They're also lowering taxes tied to housing and even more shocking, they're lowering personal income taxes.
"To compensate for the higher healthcare contributions in 2011, the government plans to reduce personal income taxes by introducing a lower tariff in bracket one and to expand the bandwidths of the three brackets. "

Meanwhile the Swedes are doing the same thing, cutting corporate tax rates, lowering income tax, and gasp, making tax cuts permanent! Hmm, almost reminds you of Bush's tax cuts.
"As election day approached, it became clear just how effective his tax cuts had been. Unemployment never hit the forecast 10 per cent - it was 8 per cent in July and 7.4per cent in August. Two think tanks have confirmed Reinfeldt's assessment that his tax cuts have created some 100,000 jobs. The deficit was tumbling as the economy recovered."

Does anyone think that Democrats in the U.S. would even consider similar policies? No. They're mindless sheep chanting "Tax! Tax! Tax!, Spend! Spend! Spend! They're doing the opposite of the Dutch and Swedes, and while Swedish unemployment was lower than forecast the U.S. rate climbs despite the promise that government stimulus will keep it in check.

Taking more of our money, creating inflation, and burying the country under a mountain of debt is just the way to encourage entreprenuership and innovation and improve the U.S. economy, right? Apparently not, but then reality has never mattered much to Liberals. They'll just "Do it again, only harder!"

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