Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just Call The Police

Imagine you come home one night, enter your house with your 2-year old daughter, and a man in a ski-mask jumps out from behind your kitchen counter with a gun in his hand. You grab the phone to call 911 but the line has been cut. What do you do?

Casey Bartram defended his home and his daughter with a 9mm handgun, killing the masked burglar and sending his accomplice running.

Anti-gunners would prefer you run and cower with your family in a bedroom or closet, hoping that men with guns come in time to save you.

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Linoge said...

But remember - Stand Your Ground laws are inherently evil, no one would ever need to carry a firearm, this was all just one massive misunderstanding, and it was all Casey's fault for leaving his house so readily accessible.

Yes, I am being completely facetious, but you know anti-rights nuts have said identical things about similar situations in the past, and done so with earth-shattering seriousness.