Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm moving at the end of the month, so right now instead of posting I'm digging through a bunch of accumulated old crap. (and chauffeuring mom around after her surgery)

Anyway, I stumbled upon this old folded up piece of paper shoved between some old textbooks and thought I'd share it with you all. I can't believe I still have it. I'd forgotten about this old bet! Names and signatures have been removed for privacy.

We played a lot of horse when I was younger, though without any of the numbered variations shown at the Wikipedia link. I remember dad having to ice his knees 7+ years ago after 1-on-1's and sometimes simple games of horse. Nowadays, with his knees, back issues and his heart condition it's just not something we do anymore.

Looking back I do wish we'd made the bet for his 65th birthday instead of his 75th. If he's still around at 75 we might both be old enough to make it a laughable exhibition.

Perhaps I should see if dad wants to amend it to his 65th and we'll sign the amended copy. If we can get on some full-sized hardwood dad's got no shot the moment I step behind the 3-point line. I may have a bad wrist and can no longer palm the ball, but I've still got a shooter's touch. Then again I guess I did get that from dad. I'd bet money he's still got it too.

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JWright said...

Please, do it now while you still can. You will never regret having lived life, you will only regret what you weren't able to do.
Horse can be played from a sitting position, from a trampoline, from the back of a pickup truck, any way your father can be made comfortable and enjoy his time with his son.