Monday, October 11, 2010

Quote of The Day - Picking Fights?

"When Dr. King would March people would travel from all around to march with him. Go figure, those N***ers just cruising around the country looking to "pick fights" with decent white-folks."

- Weer'd in comments here.

Weer'd was responding to this post by a vile, nasty bigot complaining that mean old gun owners came to his little corner of the internet to "pick a fight" with him. Anti-gunners consistently see any dissent as inherently threatening and malicious. They just can't stand to have their bigotry challenged.

Also, as usual we see an anti-gunner writing numerous posts advocating violence & death upon those who disagree with him and dare exercise their rights.

I have about as much respect for people like this as I'd have for those who assaulted peaceful blacks holding "sit-ins." They are bigots who caused a disturbance where there was none. According to his post his wife seems like quite the tolerant progressive as well.....

This part of his post deserved a quote,

"I recently moved here from California, and I can't believe what these people get away with."

People in Arizona have rights protected by the Constitution. I can understand how a California liberal could fail to understand that. I suppose when you're a liberal from California your brain can't even comprehend simple concepts like "freedom" and "rights."

Arizona has Constitutional carry, that is, citizens may carry firearms in accordance with the Constitution and without a permission slip from the nanny state. When you're a nanny-stater the lawful exercise of individual liberty is instead viewed as "what these people get away with."

Y'know. If they despise freedom so much they can always go back to California, or even better, move to Europe.


bluesun said...

And that is why I absolutely DESPISE California. It isn't enough to ruin their own state, but then they have to come out to the real west and ruin it for everyone else. That's why my #5 Rule Of Life is "NEVER SET FOOT IN CALIFORNIA."

Newbius said...

I love California (my native state). It is Californians that I despise...

Weer'd Beard said...

“And it’s not like this white-bread neighborhood is dangerous. The worst criminals you have are jaywalkers.” You know, because if some black or Hispanic people were around, #1 it would be OK to pack a gun, and #2, The Unarmed Author would happily not be there. Not even TRYING not to be an openly bigoted asshole.

And also he pulled the post, and put up some stupidity about the 1st and 2nd Amendment...seems he has zero understanding of either.

Mike W. said...

Sadly Weer'd there are plenty of people who think the 1st Amendment protects them from criticism or from having "mean" things said about them.

Sad but Predictable eh?

I'm with Newbius. CA looks like a beautiful place, it's the Californians that ruin it.

Bluesun - Yup, liberals are like locusts, and sadly asshats like this guy & his wife are moving to places like AZ and trying to turn them into the very same liberal hellholes they left.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, the perverse side of me finds it absolutely hilarious that a murderous thug like Alan (in that he wishes to kill bad drivers, wants to provoke a situation where he can murder this possibly-fictional open carrier in cold blood, and wants all firearm carriers to kill one another) would actually complain about death threats (which are probably anything but).

You cannot pay for that kind of psychological disconnect...

Weer'd Beard said...

Maine is getting that way too. Tho IMHO its Masshole refuges who are turning my Beautiful home-state into a political waste-land.