Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quote of the Day - What Anti-Gunners Do

"They lie. They smear. They're bigoted. And they keep sayin' "Trust us."

Suuuuuure we should."

- Roberta X. - Laying into Joan Peterson, a dishonest bigot and Brady Campaign board member.

These days any idiot can start a blog. In Joan Peterson's case I'm glad to see her spew her ignorance and bigotry for all to see. Her bigotry, intellectual cowardice and outright lies are exactly what I'd expect from someone affiliated with The Brady Campaign.

Joan complains about being vilified. Bigots should be vilified. Bigotry against those who exercise a fundamental, enumerated Constitutional right should be exposed and vilified at every opportunity. Folks like Joan Peterson should have their lies challenged. They should be shamed into the shadows.


bluesun said...

Their freedon to be totalitarian wannabe bigots is equalled by our freedom to point our fingers at them and laugh.

Bob S. said...

Also note the fact that despite her insistence on wanting to reduce gun deaths and injuries, she allows comments from MikeB302000 to be posted while comments about MikeB302000 breaking the law are moderated out of existence.

By doing that, she is protecting the very same criminals she says she wants to stop -- so why should we believe anything she says?

Bob S. said...

By the way, you can add hypocrite to her list

Peterson says supporters of such legislation are often painted as people who hate guns, but she says she's not anti-gun, anti-hunter, or anti-anyone's rights. She and her husband own guns and come from a hunting family. They keep the guns locked in a metal safe

Anonymous said...

I do not think I will ever be able to understand, much less respect, an individual who says, with a straight face, "I am going to strip these certain elements of your rights away from you without your assent... but you can trust me not to go any further." That fails on so many levels.

I do have to give her some credit though - at least she is not doing the "compromise" song-and-dance bullshit that Sparky ran with for a while. Nope, she is a straight-up authoritarian, who wants to impose her will because it is her will.


Mike W. said...

Nope, she is a straight-up authoritarian, who wants to impose her will because it is her will.

And yet she wonders who we oppose her, why we carry guns, and why folks talk about "2nd Amendment remedies"

As for "you can trust me not to go any further" I've repeately asked anti's where their endgame is.

At what point in "common sense gun control" do they stop and say, "OK, we're done." At what point do they stop because any more would infringe upon my rights?

If The proliferation of guns is the "problem" and fewer guns the solution then by definition "success" is defined as zero citizens keeping & bearing firearms. (or as close to 0 as possible)

Given the "logic" of what their solution entails they DO want to take away our guns, no matter how often they say otherwise.

Unknown said...
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Sean D Sorrentino said...

There was one mention of MikeB being banned as a criminal

I have no idea why she let it through.

Mike W. said...

MikeB - You support and defend Jadegold and Laci and allow them a forum through which to spew vitriol, personal attacks and "outings" of everyone and anyone they disagrees with.

Not only do you share responsibility for Jade & Laci's behavior, but you will not be permitted to comment here so long as you're paling around with someone as vile as Jadegold or as nasty & violent as Laci.

*Edited to add - There's very, very little I'll ban someone for, but directly facilitating repeated & obsessive personal attacks and attempted outings of myself and fellow gunbloggers by the likes of Jadegold & Laci is NOT something I will tolerate.