Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Ditch Knife

Back in September, friend and community organizer extraordinaire Breda sent me this cute little birthday present. I promptly took pictures, posted them as a draft post, and then completely forgot about the post until now. My apologies. I tend to do that.

Pictured below is a Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife, otherwise known as the LDK.

Since receiving this one I've bought 3 more to give away to friends. I also got one for my mother, who absolutely *had* to have one upon seeing it.

I've seen some criticisms of this knife. Some say it's too small to do any damage. I tend to think it's better than nothing, hence the name "Last Ditch Knife." The one valid criticism I've read is that it's too small to hold easily. I could see how this wouldn't work for someone with big / thick fingers. My lanky digits have no issues with it.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. These were taken in bad lighting with a now outdated iPhone 3G. I'm amazed at how much better the pictures are on the new Droids.

If you're looking for anything Ka-Bar I highly recommend Tomar's Kabars. They've got just about everything, including some very nice USMC fighting knives.
*Had to drop by the parents place to grab a few things. That meant internet access and a new post for all 3 of my readers. ;)


Laura said...

I still think it's flippin' nifty. It's on the list of neato things to get the manhalf.

Linoge said...

One has to remember, when people question the efficacy of shorter knives, that thrusting is only half the equation - any blade with a decent edge can also be used for slashing, and while that may be insufficient to reach vital organs, one good slash of that across a rapist's face, neck, arms, or legs, and he will start reconsidering his life choices.

And they make a handy letter-opener.

As always, the efficacy, and function, of a tool is dependent upon the owner.

bluesun said...

How do you keep it on your person? Does it just go in a pocket, or do you lash it down? IT doesn't look like there's a belt loop, is all.

The Warrior said...

Very nice little beast. (And, maybe this sounds weird, but I think your mom must be very, very cool....)

Weer'd Beard said...

The wife and I both use Ka-Bar TDI blades for non-gun self defense.

Linoge is correct, you won't be able to lung-stab somebody with such a short blade, but one thing I've mentioned to the wife, the tendons that control the hands run fairly close to the surface under the arms. if Grabbed a decisive swipe can disable a grip, but also cause blood loss which may quickly end a fight.

Also they're good force multiplier simply to more decisivly say "You've bitten off more than you can chew, asshole!"

Anonymous said...

I like mine.

Not really for folks with huge hands. Small hands should be fine. I can manage a few grips with it, not really comfortable but it's a tiny concealed blade.

I've carried it laced into shoes, around the neck, 5th pocket of jeans, tucked in wallet, tucked in the console of the car.

It's small, but would effectively get someone off you when needed. Definitely nice but not a substitute for a primary weapon.