Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Can You Ka-Bar?

I have quite a few pocket knives, but what I've always been short on are good fixed blades. After seeing Breda's knife post I decided to go ahead and pick up a few.

The big one is a 3/4 size black tanto Kabar fighting knife with a 5.25 inch blade. The smaller one next to it is a Kabar Becker Necker neck knife with a 3 3/16th inch blade.

Then, we get even smaller. A Kabar Becker Necker Remora with a 2.25 inch blade

And to round things out, a Cold Steel Scottish Spike neck knife from Cold Steel's Spike series. Cold Steel makes some beautiful knives.

The truly sad thing is that the government assault on tools over the last century means that a citizen in supposedly free America needs a permission slip to carry any of these under their pants or under a shirt. In many ways knife laws are just as bad as gun laws (not to mention confusing) Of course if you believe that inanimate objects literally cause crime, then it's no stretch to restrict carrying of knives. One need only look at the UK to see how well that works...

As Breda says, "I think I need more knives."


JP said...

Nice! I've always liked Ka-bars. I had an old one from the 60s or 70s or something that my grandfather gave to me. Standard Ka-bar USMC knife. One of my dumb friends threw it and apparently it had a fatal amount of rust under the handle rings, SNAP :(

Bob S. said...

Nice in deed.

Like the Tanto style Ka-Bar, I could really use one of them.

The Cold Steel Scottish Spike looks great also.

One can never have too many knives

Weer'd Beard said...

You need a TDI to add to that collection!

I love me some Ka-Bar. They're working knives. Not crazy fancy or super impressive, just they'll work hard all day, and maybe save your ask, and all they ask in return is to get a few passes on a honing stone!

Unknown said...

Yup. What Weer'd said about the K-bar. Well put. I have carried one where it counts, and they work.

The Cold Steel spike is also really well built, especially for the money. It doesnt come very sharp, but I honestly don't think it's supposed to be. It's not a working blade, but a last ditch fighter. Economical too.

Wilson said...

Got some nice knives there, I have a Ka-Bar Tanto myself but I went with the leather handle version. I love Ka-Bars, they work hard and are priced right, and many are still made in the USA! Knife laws are as bad as gun laws and it’s a reflection of a mental disorder on the part of lawmakers, thinking that an inanimate object causes crime and not people.