Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Holiday Reminder

As Americans we so often get immersed in the materialistic aspect of the Christmas holiday. The shopping, wondering what gifts we'll get, decorating the tree, or getting into a decoration contest are all integral parts of the season.

All of those things, as wonderful as they are, really overshadow what's great about the Christmas season and what it should be all about. Giving.

Many of us are pinching our budgets in these uncertain times, yet some of our fellow Americans are far worse off. Please remember to keep those folks in mind this and every Christmas.

I'm not a particularly religious person. That said, I do believe that if you genuinely live your life trying to do good things for people then everything will work out in the end.

If you have the means, do something nice for someone this holiday season. Send a gift to a blog reader, friend, or complete stranger. Don't do it because you read this or you're expecting something in return. Do it because it'll bring a smile to someone's face this Christmas and hell, it's the right thing to do.

I'm far from being affluent, however I'm grateful to have a job, car, a roof over my head, and enough money to meet basic needs. Being in such a position means I've got enough to give at least something back, no matter how small.

So have fun & enjoy Christmas this year, but don't forget to give what you can. Donate blankets and old winter clothes or spend $20 on gloves & hats so someone else can stay warm this winter.

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