Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Open Carry

A quick observation on open carry from the weekend.

Most people don't even notice. Those who do notice tend to fall into one of 3 categories.

1. Notice but don't seem to care

2. Notice and keep looking at the gun

3. Notice and are looking at you like you're carrying around dead kittens in your arms.

Surprisingly no one comes up to me and asks if I'm carrying because I have a small trouser monkey.

I'm not the scariest looking dude in the world though. Your mileage may vary.


Jeff the Baptist said...

Yeah, I probably get more comments about my wedding tackle when I wear a kilt.

Linoge said...

That almost perfectly mirrors my experience over the past year+... I have been open carrying at least twice a week in places like Wal-Mart, Kroger, gas stations, and even restaurants now since October of last year, and either no one notices, or no one cares. In fact, the only experiences I have had in regards to my openly carrying have been positive ones - talking about firearm laws with a Canadian, helping other handgun carry permit holders understand the laws and legalities of open carry, and so forth.

As always, my stories of open carry are here, but I will have to warn you - they are quite boring. No mass stampedes. No "man with a gun" calls to the cops. No one verbally assaulting me for daring to exercise my rights. Nothin'.

It is almost like the anti-rights nuts have no idea what they are talking about...

Anonymous said...

Open carry stories are almost never exciting... here's mine

Erin said...

I tend to get some reactions, being a girl open carrying with a pink grip on my firearm. I tend ot get some questions. My favorites include: Is that a real gun? Is that a taser? My most awkward reaction was a middle aged gentleman bent over to look at my hip in a crowded aisle at WalMart. I was like "umm excuse're the reason I carry a firearm."

Open carrying is so important to normalize firearms, to combat the negative sterotype that they are for "killing"