Friday, December 17, 2010

Random TSA Thought

I'm really glad the TSA didn't exist back when I was a kid and wearing leg braces. Somehow I see both of my parents being the kind of people who would have a serious problem with their kid being treated like a terrorist because he had braces on his legs.*

Also, I can't seem to find the video of the screaming 3 year old who was molested by the TSA anywhere. It appears it's been removed for copyright reasons.

When mom saw that video her words to my sister and I were something to the effect of

"If that'd been one of you guys I'd have forcibly removed that man's hands from you and left. Go ahead and arrest me ."

When folks like my mom are as pissed off as she was upon seeing that video you know just how seriously the government has overstepped its bounds. It's one thing to have libertarians like myself pissed off. It's quite another to have made grandma's and soccer mom's angry.

*My braces weren't quite like his. They were molded plastic, went up a few inches below my knee, and were neon green with black velcro. Apparently I thought having neon green leg braces made me super cool!

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Sabra said...

Even the TSA's "should have" solution would have been humiliating and probably frightening for the child.