Friday, January 21, 2011

Civil rhetoric - Democrat style

Ah yes, all the evil, hateful, violent rhetoric is being spewed by Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and "The right" according to the media. Suddenly folks on the Left are calling for civility and for us to "tone down the rhetoric." Basically now that they got their butts kicked in the midterms they're telling their political opposition to sit down & shut up. They even want to use the force of law to make this a reality.

I was no fan of George Bush. The man was an authoritarian and a big-government proponent. That said, I remember the kind of "civil discourse" the Left directed at him for 8 years. They have absolutely no moral grounds on which to call for anyone to "tone down" their rhetoric.

I give you Democrat Steve Cohen. Apparently this is what "civil rhetoric" and "toning things down" sounds like.

Another example of toning down rhetoric. Democrat from TX, Sheila Jackson-Lee saying that Republicans are "killing Americans" by repealing Obamacare (something they were elected to do BTW) Nice to see that Liberals have no intention of toning down their own rhetoric. Yup, Republicans are going to be eager to work with you when you claim that they are killing their constituents merely by attempting to repeal an unconstitutional law.


Anonymous said...

Democrat from MD, Sheila Jackson-Lee

Actually (and you have NO IDEA how GREATLY it PAINS ME to point this out) Sheila Jackson Lee is from Texas. Houston, granted, but still...

Mike W. said...

Shit, coulda sworn she was from Baltimore. That's what I get for not fact checking

Sabra said...

Newp. Houston. Which is only sorta Texas, for the record.

I'd be willing to pitch in for a plane ticket to Maryland for her, though.