Monday, January 31, 2011

Hit or miss

David over at Musings Over A Pint, writes about a not so pleasant experience with a Dogfish Head brew. That was my experience with their Shelter Pale Ale as well. I didn't like it one bit.

Dogfish Head is a strange brewery and they love to really push the envelope and try new things. If you watch brewmasters you know this. This unique approach results in some awesome beers, some of which I've talked about on the blog, I.E. 90 Minute, Burton Baton, Bitches Brew, Midas Touch, Punkin' Ale etc, but it also results in (IMO) some big misses. There are some Dogfish Brews I just can't stomach and wouldn't buy again. I like all of their year round brews except the Shelter Pale Ale, 60 minute IPA & Indian Brown Ale.

I've only tried about one third of their "occasional rarities" and only two of the four seasonals, so I've clearly got some work to do this year on that front.

I have to applaud them for being unconventional and having an extremely wide variety of brews, and damn am I glad to have them right here in little old Delaware.


breda said...

My Mike loves their Indian Brown. Go figure.

Mike W. said...

Everyones different. Their 60 minute is immensely popular, yet I don't like it at all. I love the 90 but hate the 60, which some might find odd.

I'll probably bring a small sampling to Pittsburgh. :)

That remeinds me, the only Dogfish I've got left at the moment is a bottle of Bitches Brew.