Monday, January 3, 2011

If it keeps him from governing...

...I'm all for it. So far, in his first two years in office President Obama has played twice as much golf as President Bush did through his 8 years in office. Now, I could really care less how much golf Obama plays. If I were him I'd want to get away from Michelle too, and hell, if it keeps him from continuing to try and ruin this country he should keep it up.

What I do find interesting is the double standard of the media here. How often did the liberal mainstream media bash President Bush for playing golf? Olbermann did it every chance he could.

H/T to Gateway Pundit


Anonymous said...

I am pretty certain that the media folks are just plain stupid...they haven't seem to catch on yet. For some reason they are still in the trance of believing he's wonderful.

JimB said...

Christe in FLA during Blizzard 0f 2010 = front page news.
Obama in HI while tornadoes destroy two states = not mentioned.
The media is still covering Zero's ass.

Weer'd Beard said...

Here's my Pet Peeve. When have you heard the media say "Mr. Obama" ? Its always been "Senator Obama" "President- Elect Obama" Or "President Obama"

But throughout the Bush years it was "Mr. Bush" as often as it was "President" if not more.

I don’t much care for our President, but he was elected fair-and-square by my fellow countrymen. That deserves a lot of respect.

I didn't like President Bush much either for all the same reasons, but again, respect was due.