Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pre-fisked collegiate idiocy

One Chadwick Bowman, a senior from Colorado State University, writes an anti-gun screed that is poorly written, badly researched, and dripping with liberal elitism. Hell, there's even an Elmer Fudd reference. All Bowman is missing is a penis joke.

College apparently hasn't taught young Bowman much, but it has taught him poor journalistic standards and a condescending, elitist liberal attitude. This is a pretty good example of the results of the liberal brainwashing that occurs at our institutions of higher learning. Some folks like myself didn't take well to the brainwashing. I feel bad for those who succumbed to it.
I wont even get into the glaring factual errors (1751, really?) or the implications of reading away the 2nd Amendment because it's anachronistic, but I do want to quote a few things Bowman had to say,

"The logical concept is to separate everyone from their guns."

Oh yeah Mr. Bowman? Are you going to come to my door and ask nicely? Are you going to forcibly separate me from them? Good luck with that. Molon Labe.

"This is one of those scenarios in American politics where the smartest, most intuitive citizens need to force legislation upon the people, even when it is not the popular choice. The leadership roles that Congress and the President have taken oaths to uphold need to make decisions that are blatantly and obviously the correct ones, which will make for a safer country. A safer country, even when many citizens do not have the intellectual abilities to understand that it is the safest choice for them."

Some moron who can't even get the ratification date of the Bill of Rights correct is hardly one to be determining who the "smartest, most intuitive citizens" are. Those "leaders" Bowman speaks of are nothing of the sort. They are servants, employed by me, and they took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not an oath to uphold so-called "leadership roles."

Can't you just taste the smarmy liberal elitism dripping from the Bowman's paragraph as quoted above? All of you peons are just too damn stupid to exercise free will, so our omnipotent and benevolent leaders are going to have to force the "correct" choices upon you for your own good.

I fear this is exactly the kind of citizen that our higher education system intends to produce. They want to produce highly educated morons. Morons with a desire to rule over the rest of us for our own good because we lack the intellectual abilities to understand and thus make the correct choices.

You know what that sounds like to me? It sounds like the attitude of a dictator or tyrant. I'd say Molon Labe, but based on this article I'm not sure Mr. Bowman has the intellectual ability to perform a Google search and ascertain the meaning of those two words.

I highly suggest Chadwick Bowman get his money back from CSU. Then again, he'll fit right in with the Liberal MSM as an "authorized journalist."

H/T to Kurt Hoffman who already fisked Mr. Bowman's article.


KurtP said...

Colorado State University huh?

I wonder if it will ever dawn on him that grads from Ivy league schools will look down on him like he looks down on us- because he couldn't get into their elitist club?

"He graduated from WHERE? Do they even have computers in that backward school 'Snif'

Mike99 said...

Interesting point.... CSU is one of the schools in the country that allows for concealed carry on campus. Perhaps he gets an unseen/unknown benifit from that.

NotClauswitz said...

Elmer Fudd is an Austrian, based on accent and pronunciation of "W" as in "Wabbit."
Perhaps short Austrians shouldn't have guns or access to people with guns and beer-halls from which to make putscheses.

Erin said...

I'm just jealous that his school permits concealed carry. We are working hard on that at my University.

Anonymous said...

He breaks the law by smoking pot, yet thinks people will obey an anti gun law ? Yeah sure...