Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Slippery Slope - How many rounds?

First you couldn't buy a magazine with a capacity of over 20 rounds in Maryland. Now the anti-gunners have introduced a bill* to amend the current law and change the restriction from 20 rounds to 10 rounds. What's next? 8 rounds, 5 rounds? one round in the chamber and an empty mag?

Hell, if we're going this route why not pass a law banning more than 10 people from assembling in more than one place? Under the anti-gunners logic it's not really an infringement on the right to freedom of association, just a "reasonable restriction" right?

*Is in PDF format

H/T to Falnfenix

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Linoge said...

The anti-rights nuts just keep telling us that the slippery slope does not exist, and yet they keep breaking out the bulldozers and the crisco.

Unfortunately, once you allow people to set limitations, there is little you can do to keep them from twisting the screws. *sigh*