Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zombie contingency plan

If you live with a roommate or loved ones you have discussed what to do if one of you is bitten and starts to turn, right? The roomie and I discussed this last night and it was mutually agreed upon that if one of us starts to turn my P220ST and a dose of .45ACP to the cranium is necessary to prevent any nomming on brains.

My exact words were "You have permission to take me out with my own gun, but if you turn first you're fucked."


Bob S. said...

I was thinking of Zeds as I stumbled down the stairs at work to the Coke Machine.

I think we need to check our training to make sure we listen to the Zombies.

At 0800 hours, it would be easy for folks to mistake me as a Zed -- the only clue would be that I'm moaning 'Caffeine' instead of "Brains".

Laura said...

I told Chris I'm taking his ass out if he goes flesheater on me. I know he'd do the same.

Mike W. said...

Headshots Laura! Unless he has his head in his ass shooting him there won't save you!

Linoge said...

Ahh, the joys of living in TN - no shortage of people to take care of you if you get infected ;).

Laura said...

Oh jeez, you know what I mean. :P