Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doubletap Ammo

I'm thinking about picking up a few boxes of ammo from Doubletap. I'm particularly interested in their .357SIG, .light .40S&W and 185 gr. 45ACP loads.

Anyone have any thoughts, opinions, experiences with Doubletap ammo?

What about Reed's Ammunition and Research? Anyone shot their stuff? I Googled em' and didn't read anything bad. Also, they still have some of the Airweight S&W 432PD's left.


Unknown said...

I don't have the info on hand at the moment, but I did read in several places where folks pulled 10mm bullets that they had bought from Doubletap, and the bullets were light. The assumption is that Doubletap is padding their velocity numbers by using a lighter bullet. I can't see a manufacturer taking that sort of risk, but who knows. Take it for what it's worth.

Mike W. said...

Could be. Oh well, I ordered em anyway. Should be a blast to shoot. hah.