Thursday, February 17, 2011

If it's illegal it can't happen....

If it's illegal then people can't do it. That seems to be the belief of everyone's favorite "commonsense" anti-gunner.

In the real world criminals get guns and ammo on the black market. Restricting the legal market doesn't hinder their abilities. This felon on probation in New Castle had 31 guns and 10K rounds of ammo. Clearly if we just banned private sales and instituted a waiting period he wouldn't have been able to get any of these. Right. Somehow I highly doubt this buy went down to his local FFL or to the one small gun show in Delaware to get these firearms.

I'm looking at you Jack Markell. Felons like this laugh at your recent gun control proposals, just like they laugh at the dozens of gun laws they're already breaking.


Laura said...

The mayor of Baltimore is trying to introduce tighter sentences for felony weapons charges (and tweets about it frequently). I really wish she were the person manning her Twitter account, because then maybe the responses her comments garner would actually get to the right person.

Tighter sentences for felons in Baltimore means maybe it'll take an extra six months before they can bribe their way out of jail. It's simply a fact that they let entirely too many truly dangerous people out way too early.

Mike W. said...

Agreed. Tighter sentences are a good thing, but useless when you've got a revolving door justice system.

You can get more jail time for possession with intent of Cocaine than for armed robbery.

And of course those "dangerous people" have no issue getting guns illegally & carrying them despite MD's byzantine gun laws.