Sunday, February 20, 2011

One poor ass list

So compiles a list of the 50 hottest white chicks with ass. I can only conclude that whomever was making the list was smoking good stuff and had only brief moments of lucidity between bong hits.

The first paragraph of the article* had me laughing out loud, but the list itself was just assinine.

Honestly how do you put Olivia Wilde, Kate Hudson and Kate Beckinsale on a list of white women who've "got ass" especially given some of the names left off? And how were they so far up on the list?

*I can confirm that the elusive "honkeus donkeus" does exist. One wonders if JMB (PBUH) invented that masterpiece as well.

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Alan said...

There was no lucidity involved at all.


Laura said...

hmm...checking this list later, when i have the time.