Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quick thought exercise

Which is the better way to turn non-gunnies into people sympathetic to gun rights?

1. Scream "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" at anyone and everyone who will listen*

2. Take a calm, rational, multi-faceted approach and break down ignorance, stereotypes and prejudices gradually.

It's a gradual process folks, whether you're trying to turn one person or society at large. At least in my experience #2 works better at a micro level. I'll remind you that the civil rights movement was not successful in one day, nor did they subscribe to approach #1. They needed the support of the broader community in order to change both the legal and social climate in their favor. There will always be bigots, but ultimately we need the support (or at least ambivalence) of Joe blow and Suzie soccermom.

*I will admit this is sometimes tempting.


Bob S. said...

Mike W.

I'm not arguing that the gradual approach isn't best.

Far from it.

What I am not seeing is the defense of the right to carry.

We may not like how it was exercised but it was.

Okay, so let's deal with it.

Instead of beating ourselves up over effectiveness or not -- use it to beat on the anti's lies.

We can also use the calm rational approach after someone has screamed "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED".

Who has generated more discussion about our rights -- the Library Open Carry or half a dozen beach clean ups in California?

SpeakerTweaker said...

This whole thing goes back to the original post at Breda's. Granted, the story has popped up a couple other places, but the fire got lit under the gun community in her comments section.

Thing is, her point from the get-go was entirely in the title of the post that got it all started. "Manners Matter." That's been the point that got missed. The personal and political attacks that started up as a result are where we found supposedly pro-gun folks firing off against OC activists.

It was never about pro-OC or anti-OC. It was never about pro-gun or anti-gun. It was the gradual approach vs. in-your-face.

What was supposed to be a discussion on manners turned in to a full-blown gun forum flame war, and it is sad.