Friday, February 11, 2011

Quote of the day - Can reason conquer?

"Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone."

-Ayn Rand

That'd be nice if we could just leave them alone. Unfortunately they're the ones who want to strip us of our rights. If we leave them alone we lose.


dog gone said...

This is funny considering how many on the right are fact free AND reason free.

No one is trying to strip you of your rights. Well......ok, maybe Republicans and Tea Partiers are:

Fortunately, our excellent congressman from Minnesota, Keith Ellison, who is black AND muslim, IS standing up for your rights and mine.

I first read Ayn Rand when I was around 13; I've moved on to more challenging and politically sophisticated reading since then.

dog gone said...

You might want to check out this video on why facts are not enough to persuade people to let go of their 'hardened' notions that are factually in error when presented with the correct information.

It's organic, a reflection of the differences in the limbic system between conservatives and everyone else:

I'm confident that if you had an MRI, along with the gun festishists who get hysterical that someone is coming for their guns or that they need those outsized expanded ammo magazines for your weapons to keep you safe, you'd find you have a funny, lumpy, warped amygdala too. I'd bet your hippocampus is a bit off as well.

That's what thinking like this does to your brain.

NotClauswitz said...

"Facts" like Global warming? "Reason" like mere thinking that can effect structural changes to internal organs? LOL Big words from a narrow mind squirt out like lemon-seeds...

Mike W. said...

Gotta love anti-gunners, I post a QOTD with no mention of left/right, Dem/Republican and "Dog" starts spewing random partisan nonsense.

Also, why should I respect someone who will spew blatant lies like "no one is trying to strip you of your rights" when said persons blog is dedicated to doing exactly that?

Anti-gunners are dishonest liars, as usual.

And to wrap it all up "Dog" posts insults. Anti-gun bigots like this really are a sad, pathetic bunch of people. Thankfully for the rest of us they're also losing.

Now, if anyone has something INTELLIGENT to say that is pertinent to my post, please feel free.

Linoge said...

Of course, in his rush to demonize "the Right" in every way, shape, and form, Dog Gone conveniently overlooks the not insignificant body of scientific evidence indicating that "liberalism" is naught more than a mental illness.

I guess science is only useful when it supports your preconceived, bigoted notions, right Dog?

More topically to Mike's post, I think it is fair to say that Dog just adequately demonstrated which of the two bodies of people Ayn was describing he belongs to, and it may be best to do as she recommends... If, of course, he is willing to extend the same courtesy. Since he is not, and since he is demonstrably a petty authoritarian with delusions of grandeur, pointing and laughing is a wholly acceptable response!

bluesun said...

I was going to say something to defend you, but then decided that I would take Ms. Rand's advice.

Mike W. said...

Bingo Bluesun. Isn't it funny how this anti comes along and so perfectly proves Rand right?

Gotta love how prescient she was.