Tuesday, February 22, 2011

U.S. Beer Map

Via Nerdalicious, a beer map of the United States. According to the map Idaho doesn't have a brewery. I don't know how Joe Huffman does it.

Abita Brewing Co.'s "Purple Haze" is an awesome name for a beer, though the reviews don't seem too hot.

As for Delaware's own Dogfish Head. I had the chance to try their My Antonia over the weekend while the power went out in my apartment complex. I'm not really a fan of Pilsner's at all, and when I hear the word I think "crap American macrobrew" ala Bud, Miller, Coors. The My Antonia was certainly better than expected though, probably due to the fact that there were actually hops in it. When I got done the bottle I couldn't believe it was 7.5 % ABV. Could have fooled me.

It's very light and not a very complex beer but it'd be a nice lighter beer to enjoy on the beach or on a nice sunny spring day. Ah, writing this while there's snow outside makes me long for warmer weather.

I still need to try and track down a few spare bottles of Bitches Brew since it was a limited release.


bluesun said...

I'm lucky enough to live in a town with three microbreweries. It's awesome.

Mike W. said...

There are several around here as well. I'm a big fan of Iron Hill Brewery.


Linoge said...

Huh. Will have to look into Yazoo... thanks for the pointer.

The microbrew down the road from me unfortunately sucks, and its owner is a rabid anti-rights nut, though despite all his posturing, he has not yet decided to post his establishments. Go figure.