Saturday, March 26, 2011

As A Delawarean I Apologize

I apologize to the nation that my state brought you Joe Biden. I'm truly sorry....

What, pray tell, has Biden been up to lately? Oh, just referring to Conservatives as "barbarians" and still blaming Republicans for the current economic crisis. It dumbfounds me that the "this mess was all the Republicans / George Bush's fault" lines resonate with anyone possessing a functional IQ.

Democrats were in control of Congress from 2006 until the most recent midterm elections. It's now 2011. I guess "It's all the evil Republican's fault" is still the only card the left and the Obama administration can play.

Biden also refers to the Union folks as scapegoats and says they're being unfairly blamed. No mention of course of all of the violence and outright thuggery leftist union supporters in Wisconsin have been engaging in, nor any mention of SEIU thug tactics before that.

It's interesting, as the article points out, we've seen violent rhetoric coming from all kinds of folks on the left, including Democratic Congressmen and the President himself. Despite all of this the media won't even report on the violence being committed by the Left, nor will they attempt to make any connection between the violent rhetoric of leftist politicians and pundits and the resulting violent action by leftist thugs.

I particularly liked this one, of a Union supporter telling a Tea Partier "I'll break your godddamn neck!" I guess this is what the Left considers civility?

With the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Republicans et. al. lies were told, false accusations of racism made, and the media pushed incessantly to make connection between "right wing rhetoric" and violence or the threat thereof. Now that Democrats are acting like violent, petulant children and Democratic politicians are upping the incivility and rhetoric all I see is whitewashing. All I hear are birds chirping.

Here's a good roundup of the words and actions of the violent, unruly, uncivil liberal left. These are all things we'd never see if not for the internet, because as far as the liberal media is concerned none of it is happening. I mean hell, if a Republican pundit or Senator had told Tea Partiers to go out and "get a little bloody" it would've been headline news on CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN non-stop.

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PottShott said...

This makes me think of Obamas last visit to a town in Indiana where he went to talk to his union buddies. This speech/meeting was closed to the open public. The purpose was to talk about how he helped Chrysler turn around and that they were picking up production and creating more jobs. The truth I found after talking to a Chrysler employee. Chrysler was actually planning layoffs the week before Obama was to come, they just delayed them so that the media would be able to give him positive feedback and once he came and went they would do what was temporarily delayed.