Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I did not know that

Apparently my great uncle climbs and photographs volcanoes for a living and is still doing so. He lives in Stromboli, Italy pretty much on a volcano. It seems as though his photos are in pretty much every Discovery video about volcanoes.*

To quote the Discovery Channel volcano episodes,

"Photographer Wolfgang Muller is so obsessed with volcanoes that he has made a career out of observing them."

He's the guy with the big, gray beard seen in the thumbnail in this video and the "Meet the Lava Junkies" video here.

See photo here and some very old ones here.

You learn something new everyday.

*between he and my poppop it's no wonder my mom likes to take a million damn pictures of everything.

If he had made a career out of observing big butts instead I think I would've died of laughter.


North said...

That is incredible to find out.

Why is it that the "I did not know that" things that I find out about my life would put most people Zzzzzz.

Alan said...

The butt thing was just a hobby for him.

Same as the rest of us.

Weer'd Beard said...

Haven't had a chance to watch the videos, but the still shots by him are quite impressive.

Also Lava is nature's way of saying "Back Off!" The fact that he gets closer is both amazing, and crazy!

bluesun said...

Volcanoes are kinda like the butts of the earth--large holes that spew gas...

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Laura said...

now THAT is cool.