Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poppin' that open carry cherry

Weer'dyJay G., Dennis, and Nancy popped their open carry cherries at the NRA convention this weekend and Alan OC'd for only his 2nd time.

I think Jay G. summed it up nicely in comments over at Alan's

"Y’know, before this weekend, I really didn’t *get* open carry..... That’s all changed.
It’s liberating..... It’s simply indescribable how open carry is synonymous with freedom."

Amen brother!  Open carry is the very epitome of freedom.  Freedom, it's a beautiful thing!  I'm still annoyed at myself for not carrying.


PottShott said...

The only problem with open carry (I do support OC) is that people always ask if your a cop. That alone is enough to go back to concealed carry. Just gets plain annoying.

Mike W. said...

I've NEVER had anyone ask if I'm a cop, then again I don't exactly give off the cop vibe.

Nancy R. said...

Time for me to start OC'ing more often. I can do it in VA, and I've long thought that it's the average, non-threatening-type of person that should be doing it. I'm just not sure if I'm "non-threatening" enough. *grin*

And glad you liked the shoes.

Lawyer said...

Because I like my hair short, people are constantly asking if I am a police officer when I open carry. When I politely tell them that I'm not, it has always led to interesting and pleasant conversations about open carrying.

PottShott said...

I would agree with Lawyer, I have never really had a bad conversation with someone about open carry. I am a military police officer so I do fit the look off duty. Most likely that is the cause of my issues. Due to posse comitatus I usually leave my job out of any explanation I give.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Wonder if there's OC in St.Louis? Time to do some research.

Unknown said...

OC is the best because it's so comfortable. Comfortable IWB holsters aren't even in the same league as a not-so-comfortable OWB holster.

All the cool kids are doing it!