Friday, July 22, 2011

Criminals & Violent Encounters

Some of you may already know this, but the FBI has conducted studies about criminals and violent encounters with law enforcement. It is titled "Violent Encounters: A Study of Felonious Assaults on Our Nations Law Enforcement Officers." Much of what is contained in this study directly contradicts the lies spouted by anti-gun groups and by anti-gun politicians like President Obama and AG Holder. Much of it reflects that which the pro-gun, pro-rights crowd has been saying for years.

You really should read the whole thing, however several things stuck out at me from chapter 4 of the study. I'll bullet them below.

* None of the offenders regularly carried their handguns in a holster

* Offenders employed knives to kill members of the general public more than they used rifles and shotguns combined.

* Of the 33 handguns used to assault officers in the current study, 32 were obtained illegally

Links to study are here

So, from point number 1 we know that these folks are not OC'ers nor CCW holders. From number 2 we know that not only is the weapon used largely irrelevant to public safety, but that "Assault weapon bans" are completely and utterly useless. Hell, based on the findings perhaps we need "common sense knife control" instead of gun control.  From number 3 we know that, surprise, surprise, violent criminals aren't getting guns legally. 

Rest assured, when you hear bigots like Jack Markell or ANY chief of police tell you that some gun control measure is needed for "trooper safety" they are lying to you.  The kind of asshole criminals who will shoot at cops don't give a lick about all of the strict gun control laws they're breaking.*

*Straight from page 10 in chapter 4 you have offenders explaining two simple things that anti-gunners refuse to acknowledge.  One, that it is trivially easy for criminals to get guns on the streets (as easy as getting drugs one offender said)  Two, and I quote "Fuck gun laws. I never gave a shit about the gun laws that are on the books."


Weer'd Beard said...

"Hell, based on the findings perhaps we need "common sense knife control"

A quick peek at the UK you'll see that knives are next, but right now guns are just what they're focusing on.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

What Weer'd said. Heck, my EDC pocket knife is technically illegal if I happen to be on any K-12 school property (the blade is 3.125", which makes it 1/8" too long for the law). It almost became an illegal "switchblade" back when the .gov tried to change the regulatory definition last year (Many states use the federal definition. Virginia, AFAIK, doesn't specifically define what makes a knife a switchblade, so probably also relies on the federal definition).

In Formerly Great Britain, I'd be sitting in jail on felony (I think) weapons charges simply for owning it. I'm sure they'd throw even more charges in if I actually dared to carry it.