Monday, July 25, 2011

Quote of the day - CFPB

"the most powerful regulatory agency that's ever been put together"

- Head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce commenting on Obama's newly created Federal agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Yep, because a brand new Federal bureaucracy is exactly what we need when this country is mired in an amount of debt unheard of in U.S. history.  Yes, another agency full of government workers and political appointees and which will continue to grow and receive perpetual budget increases at the expense of the American taxpayer.  Worse yet, the CFPB does not appear to be hampered by any government oversight.

A new bureaucracy means one more agency that must, by nature, continue to expand it's power and scope as justification for increased budgets and funding.  Before long they'll have a budget that's 10 times what it is today.  Hell, they'll probably have their own police powers and law-enforcement branch and will be buying short-barreled breaching shotguns on the taxpayer dime to "protect" consumers.

This is liberalism in a nutshell folks.  More government power, more government regulation, more bureaucracy and government spending = A good thing.  Why?  Because it means more control over individuals.

Aside from NASA, numerous federal agencies have seen major budget increases since Obama took office.  Just look at the Dept. of Education.  Hell, the "Competing and Winning in the World Economy" budget for FY2012 (PDF Warning!) is asking for $10.6 Billion to create an "interoperable 4G wireless network for public safety."  Yes, they want almost $11 billion for the government to create a 4G wireless network.  The plea of necessity?  The ever popular "public safety" plea.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Hell, just look at how much the White House is spending on Payroll alone! How many Cronies are there that suck up Tax Dollars every Day to be "Assistant Deputy Special Advisor on the Arts?" Yet Barry wants the Debt Limit to be raised PAST the Election? So he's willing to go into Default if he doesn't get to Claim/Lie about how he Saved the Economy so he can get Re-Anointed? God, would you PLEASE put some Balls on the Republitard Leadership to stop this crap?

Chris said...

So how do we fix this? The financial free market can't or plain old will not regulate itself and gleefully continues to screw consumers in numerous ways while accepting handout after handout from these same consumers via their tax dollars. The government responds by setting up a new bureaucracy which we don't want either because while watchdogging these greedy assholes will itself become a monster. I believe the intention of this particular bureaucracy not having any oversight was to prevent lobbying/bribery and non action by paid off representatives. What do we do when the government itself admits it's corrupt?