Monday, August 29, 2011

And they called Bush an idiot!

Any man who refers to Franklin D. Roosevelt as a "fiscal conservative" should be mocked and ridiculed.  This is why I have such a hard time respecting the opinions of "enlightened" liberals. I have a hard time believing that even Obama, as dumb as he is, could be so ignorant of history that he believes FDR was a "fiscal conservative" who cut spending. FDR presided over what was then the largest expansion of the Federal government in U.S. History No, I don't think Obama is that ignorant.  I think he's doing what liberals do.  He's blatantly rewriting history to fit his own political agenda.  He's allowing his beliefs to trump historical reality.

I wonder, if Obama truly does think FDR was "fiscally conservative" then just what does he have in store for us in his quest to ruin America?

I know one thing for sure.  If Sarah Palin or anyone not on the Left had made such a moronic statement the leftist MSM would ridicule them to no end.

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Alan said...

It's not that moronic when you realize that to Obama, FDR really was a fiscal conservative.

That should scare everyone.