Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mmmm Northcoast beer

Root beer!

This was a gift from Mom Fallacy at Northcoast II.  Thank you!

Glass-bottled root beer with real sugar, none of that overly sweet, syrupy high fructose corn syrup crap.  I'm generally not a root beer fan, but I absolutely love good root beer.  (craft brews! hah!) Sadly it is all gone now and good lord, look at the price on Amazon!  The stuff costs more than Burton Baton, and that's before shipping!  I'm hoping it's cheaper locally so I can pick some up the next time I'm in Ohio.

I used to seek out Hank's Root Beer whenever I could find it, but it seems to have totally disappeared from all the places that used to carry it around me.  This Boyland brand root beer makes Hank's taste like A&W.


Laura said...

You can get Boylan's here. Next time I'm up near my parents' house I'll grab you a sixer.

breda said...

The Willoughby Brewing Co. makes their own root beer. Just saying.

Mike W. said...

Laura - That would be awesome!

Breda - Really?! Next time I'm up your way I'm having one, though I admit it'll be weird ordering a root beer at a brewery. It's OK, I can drink the beer too!

Laura said...

ya, i'm pretty sure i can get six packs up at Wegman's. forgot to stop there yesterday (got sidelines by Target), but i'll be heading up there again this weekend.