Thursday, September 8, 2011

Northcoast II Pictures

I am dead tired today so all you're getting are a few Northcoast II pictures. I think I passed out about 9PM last night.  Apparently my body finally decided I needed sleep.  More pictures and posts later.  I have quite a few folks I need to thank as well.

We get weird when it's close to our birthday...yeah, that's it.

Breda shooting Marty's .223 AR

Alan with the CX4.  I LOVED that gun!

Breda shooting the baby Glock (Glock 23?) - Her expression is priceless!

Breda says "You're like the Cat Whisperer."  What she didn't know is I'd smothered myself in bacon grease just before this pic. :P


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Mike W. said...

I thought I'd post the funny ones. Good thing I didn't post the one of you mooning everyone at the Brewery :P